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Renzi, Tsipras prepare to veto EU budget

Two deluded left-wing pro-migration aßholes may very well break EU in months

Crazy attitudes to the mass migration from the Muslim world keep on returning. Germany is Europe's strongest country and Angela Merkel is its leader. So many of the mistakes are naturally identified with Mutti Merkel. But I often think that other European leaders are more insane than she is – they're just less visible so they don't attract as much attention as Merkel does.

Just another shocking story: Kuwaiti investors built a luxurious village – with 160 $165,000 houses – where only Arabs (and janitors from other nations who learn the official language, Arabic) may enter. Mostly 3rd and 4th wives of sheikhs will live there. A problem is that it's been built 10 miles from Sarajevo: Google Maps. The investors claim that the land, including some beautiful Nature, was gifted to Arabs by Allah. News. Austria should better join the Visegrád Group and retake the failed state of Bosnia from the Muslims, like in 1878.

In fact, Merkel recently said that no one wants to repeat Germany's mistakes of 2015. Now, she is considering deportation of 200,000 failed asylum seekers. One doesn't have to be a principled conservative citizen to recommend her such things. In fact, old migrants demand the deportation of the new ones because the increasing number of migrants is lowering the living standards of the old ones.

(By the way, have you read the news about the Syrian man who is getting almost half a million dollars per year in welfare money for himself, four wives, and 22 or 23 children who live with him in several German houses? This story is so insane for so many reason. First, this guy should be immediately arrested or deported for polygamy which is illegal. Second, even if he is not, the "unofficial wives" should be getting their welfare subsidies directly, not through a man. Third, it's crazy to pay them anything, let alone big bucks, at all. They should be in a detention facility before they get an asylum and like in Czechia, they should pay for the services in the facility.)

I believe that the Greek and Italian governments are the actual engines of the most radically insane pro-migration mistakes that Europe keeps on doing.

A new one-hour documentary on inflation

Peter F. has sent me the following documentary – and some of his thoughts about it.

Can you find one spare hour? Or it may be less if you run the video above at a higher speed. The host interviews cosmologists such as Guth, Aguirre, and Nomura. It covers lots of topics.

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Microsoft 3D revolution may change how millions do things

First, a poetic 2.5-hour-long audio by Brian Greene, Paul Rudd, and a few others explaining why "Light Falls" according to general relativity and what was the romantic relationship between Einstein and Greene's mother, among other things. On the Amazon page, you may register at Audible for free and get 2 audiobooks. After 1 month, if you want to continue, the membership is $15/month.

Apple, Google, and Microsoft are three global companies with the highest capitalization today, sitting at $0.63, $0.57, and $0.46 trillion, respectively. Because I watched an Apple event a month ago, I decided it would be unfair to skip the Microsoft event today (the recorded video is already there, along with pages dedicated to the products).

It was mostly about 3D (and gamers' interactions) and I was impressed. Lots of very cool 3D procedures and tools will become highly accessible very soon.

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Kids' breakthrough videos on string theory

...and other topics in physics and science...

Off-topic, LHC: The calendar shows that tomorrow, Wednesday, is the last day of the proton-proton collisions in 2016. Both detectors will have accumulated almost exactly 40/fb of data in 2016. CMS is 1/fb ahead of ATLAS, probably to compensate that it used to be the other way around in previous years. LHC status
Two weeks ago, kids and teenagers began to flood YouTube with their 5-minute videos on string theory and other topics which they had created during the previous month. It seems to me that the topic wasn't explicitly required to be string theory but very many contestants think that it's the most likely theme that can make them win a $250,000 Breakthrough Junior Prize (see the announcement as a video). In total, $400,000 goes to various related prizes.

I have some trouble with such contests. To shoot a popular video on science is something that a rather high percentage of kids or teenagers may do – it's not something that proves that the author is exceptionally talented or going to do exceptional science. Moreover, many parents and other mature relatives understand that $250,000 is a lot of money even for the parents so they won't hesitate to help their kids etc.

Hillary wanted ducks on the ground

Most people think that the main reason why Hillary should already be in the prison now if the law enforcement in the U.S. weren't dysfunctional is that she has destroyed evidence that was mentioned in a subpoena after she learned about the subpoena.

Duck Tales, the Czech theme song.

But that doesn't mean that it's the only criminal activity that Hillary Clinton was recently involved in. Yesterday, The Daily Mail exposed the Duck Tales.

As this fresh viral video with one million views shows in quite some detail, Hillary's compaign coordinated a series of provocations at Trump rallies with a tax-exempt leftist non-profit organization.

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Dark energy and unsettled science

Anthony Watts wrote a text

‘Settled Science’ syndrome hits Astronomy and the Nobel Prize
which clearly explains a fresh Oxford paper by Sarkar et al.
Marginal evidence for cosmic acceleration from Type Ia supernovae
in Nature's Scientific Reports. My understanding is that Watts took the text from another source and invented the title. He tells us: Look, there's no consensus about Nobel-prize-winning cosmology. Well, yes, no, it depends.

Only a psychopath may suggest firing Thiel or censoring Trump on FB

According to the latest Rasmussen and IBD/TIPP poll, Donald Trump is 2 percentage points ahead of Hillary Clinton. There are many polls showing Clinton as the frontrunner, by 3 points in the case of the UPI/CVoter poll, sometimes by as much as 12 percent as in the ABC poll, but if you look at all the data, there's no reason to think that numerically, the looming U.S. presidential election is something else than an old-fashioned tough battle between two comparably strong partisan candidates, a ritual that pretty much defines the American republican system.

That's the main reason why I am so stunned by the Gulag-style treatment of the folks who "dare" to support Trump – which represent something like one-half of the U.S. population – and Trump himself. Many of these extremists who want to turn the U.S. into a Soviet-style totalitarian empire live in the Silicon Valley. For example, a bunch of Facebook employees had a plan to delete Trump's FB posts as "hate speech". These posts were describing his policies towards the Muslim minority and immigration.

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A bump at LEP near \(30\GeV\): weak but possibly justifiable

Update: This article was mentioned at The Wire in India. I believe it's a nice article except that, as Tommaso Dorigo pointed out, has some wrong numbers translating 3 sigma to probabilities etc.

In the morning, I was intrigued by a hep-ex paper by Arno Heister

Observation of an excess at \(30\GeV\) in the opposite sign di-muon spectra of \(Z\to b\bar b+X\) events recorded by the ALEPH experiment at LEP
To make the story short, he claims that the 1992-1995 data from the LEP (Large Electron-Positron) Collider at CERN contains a less-than-3-sigma bump at \(M_{\mu^+\mu^-}\sim 30.4\GeV\) indicating a boson of width \(1.8\GeV\).

Recall that the LHC is located in a tunnel that was the largest European infrastructure project before it was surpassed by the Channel Tunnel. But the LHC isn't the first collider that has lived or lives in the LHC tunnel. Before it was born, the LEP collider – that used to collide electrons with positrons – was happily living there.

The song above shows what LEP looked like to the horny girlfriends of (male and female) particle physicists. However, if you dared to claim that there was no LHC in the tunnel, you would be wrong. The very song was sung (in 2000) by the LHC, the Les Horribles Cernettes. ;-)

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Stephen Wolfram: Idea Makers

Stephen Wolfram was kind enough to send me Idea Makers: Personal Perspectives on the Lives & Ideas of Some Notable People, a new July 2016 book with biographies of famous folks around science and computing (with some personal dedication to me, great). I am just starting to read it – have gone through 2 out of the 16 heroes covered in the book – but maybe it is a better opportunity to write a review if we want to avoid all the spoilers.

The biographies were written at various points of the recent decade or so. With a bit of self-confidence, I think that you might say that they're analogous to the "birthday wishes" biographies on this blog. Except that the author, Stephen Wolfram, is way more famous than your humble correspondent and has known some folks in the list.

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Russian hacker caught in Prague

Update: the hacker wasn't related to Hillary's or DNC files; instead, he's accused of doing the 2012 hack of 100 million LinkedIn users' information

Barack Obama and his comrades have accused Russian nationals from being the hackers who have acquired the computer files proving that Hillary Clinton is a corrupt lying murdering piece of cr*p, among other things, and that Donald Trump is the superior pick for the U.S. citizens to choose. Obama et al. had the plan to keep all this information in secret.

It's still unknown whether such hackers are connected with the Russian government. However, the Czech police made it much more likely that a hacker exists and he is Russian, indeed. Last night, an October 5th capturing video was released. Just twelve hours after they received the information via Interpol's Red Notice (this notice was inspired by a verdict of the federal grand jury in Oakland, California), the Prague cops caught the 29-year-old Russian suspect, Yevgeniy Nikulin. (TRF is the only public place in the world where you can learn the name.)

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A Cambridge video introduction to strings

Giotis has told us about a new 30-minute video presenting the basics of string theory and related matters:

Elemental Ideas – String Theory Part One (click for the video)

Elemental Ideas – String Theory Part Two (new, added on October 18th)
It's a fun conservative video focusing on the physics ideas and not the sociological šit that tries to surround string theory in the recent decade.

I've never stopped counting Cambridge among the top 5 theoretical physics places on the European continent (a concept that includes certain nearby islands) so it's natural for them to offer some seriously good video.

Czechs, 2% of EU folks, make 8% of EU films aired on TV in EU

Two fresh marketplace reports could be considered optimistic from the Czech viewpoint.

Yesterday, Eurostat released a new report on poverty in Europe. 24% of folks in EU member states were considered "poor". The percentage of "risk of income poverty" was highest in Bulgaria and Romania, near 40%, followed by Greece near 36%. The least poverty-stricken nation is Czechia, 14.8%, followed by Holland, Sweden, Finland around 17%.

It's sort of good – perhaps a reason to brag – for a post-communist country to end up this high. But I think that it's not just "good news". This victory mostly means that Czechia has been excessively socialized and remains excessively egalitarian. The communist regime struggled to bring some "basic things" to every citizen and one may say that it has succeeded, albeit at a level that the Westerners must have considered a caricature of wealth. The newly restarted capitalism increased the level significantly while the political atmosphere kept the basic socialist minima.

It seems pathological if someone wants to make our system even more egalitarian or socialist in character. I am sure that too little poverty must be one of the demotivating things that hurt the progress of the economy.

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Anti-West terrorists are steps from crippling South African universities at least for a semester

I didn't even know it was happening. It was so shocking to learn that I just spent an hour by research of what's going on in South Africa. It's pretty dramatic.

Recall that South Africa has been the main pillar of the Western civilization on the African continent. "Decolonialization" began to erode this status decades ago. Nelson Mandela has been lionized but everyone with some forecasting skills must have known that the process he kickstarted was likely to be existentially harmful for the country. I just didn't know that the deterioration would be so fast.

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Karlsruhe neutrino mass experiment has been turned on

The Washington Post tells us that the Karlsruhe Tritium Neutrino Experiment (KATRIN) was turned on today.

Karlsruhe looks luxurious. At least the 1715 palace does. Just to be sure, the city is just miles East from the Easternmost point of France.

The experiment costs €60 million i.e. $66 million and has the chance – perhaps the greatest chance among the experiments in the near future – to measure the absolute masses of the neutrinos.

Google's "Fact Check" is a pathetic effort to distort the news

Today, Google News started to use a new label under some articles, "Fact Check", see articles about this new "feature".

Some websites helpfully, frankly, and realistically explain that this "feature" was introduced in order to label Donald Trump a liar and to help to spread the "progressive" ideology. Google claims to believe to be able to decide which articles are true and trustworthy. And the company must think that the users of Google are buying that.

Can you design an algorithm that determines whether a newly constructed sentence describing the recent events (or latest scientific research, for example) is true or false? Well, the world and the scientific research would be easy if it were so. You would write an article saying that the dark matter is made of axions, applied your algorithm on the article, and you would know whether dark matter is composed of axions.

But it's obviously not the case. No finite rules of this kind can be trusted. Ad hominem arguments don't work. Claims of "verification" by loud people or rich people or papers sold to many consumers don't significantly increase the probability that the proposition is true, either. Verification by several (similar) people or websites doesn't achieve it, either, because they're routinely doing similar mistakes or tricks.

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Does Hillary's victory guarantee a nuclear war?

It's unlikely but similar, weaker statements are probably true

Criticisms of Donald Trump are usually ill-defined insults, slurs, or accusations, or ad hominem attacks focused on things that don't matter. Even though he is no "clearcut conservative", Trump has personified the targets of many weird far left-wing conspiracy theories. For example, a part of the left-wing ideological psychopaths known as the climate alarmists have turned Trump into the man who will single-handedly destroy the Earth by making it fry through global warming.

I genuinely hope that as a president, Trump could have both the strength and the moral qualities to stop the climate hysteria for good. You know, to strip the emergent warming fascists of their power could be easier than to warm the whole atmosphere by several degrees. Trump's climatic skeptical credentials may be some 20% of the reasons why I prefer him over Clinton.

We're facing lots of fearmongering – I have always thought that an overwhelming majority of the fearmongering that surrounds us is just silly – but we're facing it on both sides of the presidential campaign. One of the latest memes that has emerged from several sources is that Hillary Clinton, if she wins the U.S. presidency, will unavoidably drag the U.S. to a nuclear war against Russia.