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Alarmist politicians draw circles on Google Earth

According to the leading press agencies, this is one of the most important climatic stories of the day. :-)

The Guardian, UKPA, Reuters, and the rest provide us with the information that some politicians who are in the panic mode over global warming have decided that the five greenwashes haven't convinced anyone that the IPCC-affiliated scientists are essentially honest researchers.

Only the scientists and science fans who are already genuinely concerned - the likes of Phil Plait, Sharon Begley, the Real Climate Hockey Team (one of them is on the picture above), and Sean Carroll (no particular reason, really) - continue to believe that there has never been any ClimateGate or AmazonGate and that all the stories about the scandals were filmed on a desert in Nevada. But they believed the same thing before the ClimateGate as well so their opinions don't prove any progress in the edification.

Instead, as Reuters emphasizes, British global warming minister Greg Barker (yes, AGW is now on par with defense or foreign affairs!) has said that the fearmongers should be "more realistic and less preachy". I am afraid that his heretical suggestion won't work because if they were "more realistic and less preachy", they would no longer be fearmongers. ;-) Mr Barker has barked up the wrong tree: he should have made his point when the U.K. was selecting its representatives in the IPCC and similar institutions.

Click the picture to zoom in.

Finally, all of these folks have figured out what the right solution is. How can they make everyone believe that the fearmongering is a rational approach to the real world once again? How can they make everyone cry that the wolf is hiding in their bedrooms? The solution is as simple as ingenious solutions often tend to be. Would you be able to invent such a remarkable solution?

The answer is probably No because if you were that bright, you would already be a mainstream U.K. politician.

They took a well-known product of Google, the Google Earth, and they drew a couple of circles, some fish, and a few faucets on the globe. The circles look like symbols from the heavens or the impact zones of a few large nuclear blasts, centered on South Africa and Italy, or something like that. These circles allowed them to convince the public and become "less realistic and more preachy" at the same time! The circles represent the warming in various regions which is entirely unpredictable today but it doesn't matter because the locations could have been chosen randomly, anyway.

The locations are not the point. None of the other "data" on the map are the point, either. The creators explain that it isn't about the truth at all, it is about something plausible (e-mail source).

When you click at random places, you will be allowed to listen to random testimonies by random unhinged people about random hypothetical non-problems caused around the globe by the equally unrealistic and randomly chosen warming by 4 °C or 7 °F.

I am sure that once you download the ultimate scary warming KML file and open it in Google Earth, you will become an unhinged alarmist yourself and you will praise the ingenious politicians who always know how to find the optimal way to convince you (or at least anyone whose IQ is below 70)! ;-)

Bonus: Chris Booker on scares

It was great to meet Christopher in France last month!

Via Willie Soon, thanks for both things!

Replacing fossil fuels by bikers

Mapawatt, an environmentally friendly blog meant to reduce your carbon footprint, has finally found a good new alternative source of carbon-burning electricity: bikes and top athletes.

They point out that the current record holder for the Hour Record (in biking) is Mr Ondřej Sosenka of the Czech Republic. He's been estimated to keep the average wattage at 430 Watts during the hour. That's incredibly efficient, Mapawatt argues, because it an feed seven 60-Watt light bulbs. If all the engines are made 100% efficient, which can't be hard, the biker will earn as much as 1 nickel worth of electricity every hour.

That's a lot of money, isn't it? The top athletes will be eager to generate the power for these huge financial resources.

If we clone billions of Sosenkas or Armstrongs and feed them by some special fart-reducing food, they can replace the CO2-emitting fossil fuels and the total CO2 emissions may even decrease. Cloning and slavery, that's the way to go. Fascinating that the giants of the U.S. history such as Abraham Lincoln were not able to figure it out.

One more important detail. It's been found that the clothes slowed Lance Armstrong down so all the cloned power generators would be designed to be nude socialists, in order to further reduce the CO2 emissions.

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