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Operation Ronce: is French army ready to re-conquer Islamic no-go zones?

Yesterday, our glorious confederate EU leaders have decided to kickstart the greatest "humanitarian" gesture in the EU history, in their efforts to at least infinitesimally please their new great friend Erdogan.

All the illegals who are currently in Turkey and plan to continue their illegal trip to the EU have been donated free debit cards with €0.348 billion on them. The money should make it easier for them to buy boats, get to Greece or Turkey, or take a flight to Western Europe, and neutralize some cops or other Europeans who would dare to try to enforce the law.

Fighters in Daesh were given gift cards to stay in any EU hotel of their choice and those who have already murdered some infidels have received life-long permits valid in all EU brothels including the headquarters of the European Commission. OK, I made the previous sentence up but even the second paragraph is just stunning. The EU has officially turned into one of the most generous sponsors of terrorism in the world.

Meanwhile, provocative writer Éric Zemmour – whose parents were Algerian Jews – has been interviewed by RTL, a French TV. This interview optimistically suggests that the freedom of expression isn't dead in France yet. I guess that such an interview couldn't appear at the most influential German TV stations anymore.

Among other things, Zemmour has been explaining that "Islam" and "Islamism" are the same thing. When such basic questions are being contested, I always think of the 1968 fairy-tale An Insanely Sad Princess where two royal advisers (from the opposing kingdoms) debate whether the tattered man and the prince are one men or two. The prince has sent the tattered man to... pick the princess. Needless to say, the adviser who said that the prince and the tattered man were the same man was right.

Alternatively, if you want some French, try this Fio bank ad. The two clients are asked a puzzle: "Which of the two of us is me? He or me?" The men guess "he" and point their fingers to both jockeys (representatives of the untrustworthy banks – who speak French or Italian), Netto and Brutto, and both of them are beaten.

OK, back to the main topic. Zemmour says that the term "Islamism" was invented in the 19th century France in complete analogy with "Judaism" and "Christianism" – a normal French term for Christianity – for Islam to sound the same. But it's the same thing as Islam. The political goals are the core of Islam. Islam isn't a faith focusing on the spiritual questions. It's a political movement emulating Prophet Mohammed who was a warrior or a politician – and a mass killer.

The RTL host seems not to understand this basic point. Or maybe he doesn't want to understand.

Zemmour talked about the no-go zones in France where the French are no longer in charge. More optimistically, he claims to know an unnamed person very close to the top commanders of the French army who said that with the help of some Israeli military experts – who are clearly the world's elite in similar business – the French army has already completed plans for "Operation Ronce" ("Operation Blackberry" or "Operation Brambles", if you wish), in which the no-go zones where the Islamic rules de facto beat the French law now will be reconquered by the French Republic. If I understood well, Zemmour presented the operation as a modern analogy of the 1830 invasion of Algiers and he said that Ronce-like plans are being planned or used in Gaza. RT compares Zemmour to Goebbels, a boyfriend of a famous Czech actress, and the Sun mention that some people call Zemmour a "racist cretin" and his claimed leak a "military conspiracy".

For a while, they called this possibly looming operation a "civil war". But it's confusing because depending on the breadth of the definition of a "civil war", France is either already in a civil war, or the operation will (hopefully) be easier than a full-fledged proper civil war.

I don't know whether Zemmour made it up – or misunderstood something or was fooled – but I actually find it rather plausible. I do think that regardless of the public pronouncement by the top French politicians, many folks in the French army must be realizing the worrisome extent of the problem and they must be thinking about fixes. And yes, given the fact that even innocent attempts to enforce the French laws are met with massive angry protests by the Muslims, the fix will need quite some brute force.

In 2014, Zemmour published a French bestseller "The French Suicide" blaming immigration, feminism, and homosexuality for most of society's ills.

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