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My first direct censorship at

Minutes ago, I received my first message about the direct censorship of content at, a Google-owned platform that runs this website. The page that was suspended was a short text revolving around a video commentary by the main father of the mRNA vaccines, Dr Robert Malone, about the current issues surrounding the mRNA vaccines.

It is another big leap for the arrival of the full-blown totalitarianism in California and beyond. I think that the individuals responsible for this nasty act violate even the most basic laws of my country. They must be punished. Google must immediately start to violate the Czech laws or the operation of the company in my country must be banned.

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O tempora, o mores

Contemplation by Ladislav Jakl

Our world is changing. We are witnessing the rise of wild progressivism and the destruction of tried and tested social structures, virtues and individual freedoms taking place before our eyes.

What's more, the process of change is accelerating. It is no longer proceeding by the salami slicing tactics, as in the fable of the boiling frog. It is developing in a revolutionary way, without delay and without much discussion. Opponents are being silenced and socially liquidated. The liberal left, the progressives, are forcing their agenda on us in every way. Their propaganda attacks us in every other television commercial, in children's shows, in the arts in general, in the activities of pressure and interest groups, through the policies of banks and other corporations.

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A bomb is great to cover one of the slits

Under the previous blog post about the quantum bomb tester experiment, Stillconfused forced me to discuss his main "weird fact" which is that

the experiment allows you to find out "whether the bomb is able to explode" without "exploding it".
There is clearly no real paradox here. A live bomb and a dud differ so they have a different impact on various other objects. This difference may be observed. You may only prove a paradox if you assume too much, including some of the assumptions of classical physics.

But I decided that the most illuminating explanation what is going on involves the double slit experiment. Richard Feynman liked to say that all the surprising new features of quantum mechanics may be understood if you carefully enough think about the double slit experiment. Nothing else is needed and all the new thought experiments are just repetitive games pushed by those who simply haven't mastered the basics, the double slit experiment.

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There is no non-locality and no interaction-free measurement in the bomb tester

Anti-quantum zealots are deluded because they think that a whole history or classical trajectory (in the past) may be extracted from a measurement at one moment

I had some exchange with Petr H. about his claimed "non-locality" in QM and the delayed choice quantum eraser experiment that I have discussed in quite some detail several times (click at the hyperlink to get the most extensive two discussions in 2018).

Recall that the silly conclusion that "there is some action operating backwards in time" in the quantum eraser experiment is just an artifact of a totally irrational psychological (or psychiatric) disorder of some people. When they read the probabilistic distribution for a discrete variable and a continuous one, \(\rho_j(x)\), they always imagine that the discrete variable \(j\) must be the primary switch, the cause, something that decides about the functional dependence of the probability on the continuous variable \(x\) (in particular, whether the probability as a function of \(x\) has one interference pattern, the opposite one, or none).

But that's completely stupid because even in this mixed, discrete-continuous, case, we can equally well read the probability distribution for 2 variables in the opposite way: \(x\) may be decided first while the probabilities for various values of \(x\) are the "inclusive" ones (and indeed, a photon may land on a continuous photographic plate first) and then the relevant probability distribution is reduced to a finite collection of probabilities simply by substituting the right continuous (just measured) value of \(x\) into \(\rho_j(x)\): we get some probabilities \(P_j\).

Report on the Congress of Dissidents

Commentary by Alexander Tomský

I have received an invitation to a seminar "The 2021 Elections - Will they be about anything?". And so, full of curiosity, I set off. The Grégr Hall of the Municipal House in Prague became a standing only room, some even stood, but it could only hold 150 people at most. As in the past, even in the present era of normalisation, there may be no more than a few thousand dissidents in the republic (Charter 77 used to have 2,000 signatories). Five speakers spoke from the podium, and they spoke eloquently.

Deniers of inflation as a problem approach a psychiatric diagnosis

I have thought about the (monetary) inflation a lot, perhaps more so than about cosmic inflation; monetary inflation is clearly a cheaper genre, however. ;-) You may look at some of the blog posts in the past that included comments about the interest rates, negative interest rates, inflation etc.

A German man is pushing his wallet in the Weimar Republic of the early 1920s, a century ago. In 2021, economists should know that such events are possible with irresponsible enough helicopter money policies. The problem is that many of them just don't care or they actively want to impose similar wallets on everyone again. With the digital money of the modern era, wheelbarrows could be avoided but the cash could disappear instead. This dependence of the citizens on the central authorities (that store their usable money) is attractive for lots of totalitarian pundits, of course.

Five or ten years ago, there was a fashionable opinion that the inflation would forever disappear and the interest rates would be zero and we would enter a new geological epoch in which the central banks would invent zero or negative rates forever. I have always emphasized that this "end of monetary history" idea was a complete nonsense and the negative interest rates were at most a short-term anomaly that simply couldn't last (much like the tunneling effect in which the apparent kinetic energy may drop to negative numbers for a while but it's not a sustainable situation because classically, the kinetic energy cannot be negative).

As long as people with some interests and skills live, the history can't be over, conflicts can't be over, science can't be over, recurring inflation can't be over (if someone uses fiat-like currencies). I think it's clear by now that I was completely right and the "economists" who were preaching zero or negative interest rates forever were completely wrong.

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Worshiping of complexity is junk physics, junk computer science, junk neuroscience

...and junk climate science, not to mention other disciplines of junk science...

After I read this Quanta Magazine article discussing whether individual neurons are "complex",

How Computationally Complex Is a Single Neuron?,
I realized that there is a whole industry of antiscience that has made it to numerous scientific disciplines including fundamental physics, computer science, and neuroscience. The article above describes the comparison of separate neurons in the real world biological brains on one side; and the artificial neurons used in the simulations that are meant to behave as natural neural networks on the other side. The workers have decided that they needed at least 5-8 layers of artificial neurons to fit a biological neuron and this kind of a result is claimed to be an insight about neurons and brains; and progress. They indicate that they want to be paid as neuroscientists for X more years in order to find out whether the right number is 5 or 6 or 7 or 8 or something like that.

Well, it's not progress. It's not cool. And neither is a simple algorithm that produces an irregular, chaotic pattern; nor the fact that we don't have a polynomially fast or otherwise effective algorithm for a problem X or Y. And it's bad when you use a complicated computer simulation (whose behavior you can't replicate in your brain, not even roughly) to answer a simple question about the climate. All these situations have something in common – and I called it the worshiping of complexity. These people think that their worshiping of complexity is a sign of good science or scientific progress; in reality, it is really a sign of bad science, failing science, or the absence of any scientific progress.

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An informal ATLAS, CMS combo: a new \(151.5\GeV\) scalar at 5 sigma

Five weeks ago, I discussed three possible values of a mass of a new Higgs-like scalar that may be seen by both ATLAS and CMS experiments at the LHC: \(28\GeV\), \(400\GeV\), \(1000\GeV\).

In this very short linker-not-thinker memo, I have to mention the first hep-ph preprint today (submitted one second after the previous deadline, 18:00:01 UTC),

Accumulating Evidence for the Associate Production of a Neutral Scalar with Mass around \(151 \GeV\)
by Crivellin at al. (10 co-authors from Switzerland, China, U.K., South Africa). The previous three new-scalar-like excesses were reported in experimental papers. This decuplet of physicists is made of phenomenologists.

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Abortion is a nontrivial fraction of a murder

A far left lunatic named Scott Aaronson is employed by an institution in Texas and he just wrote a rant against the totally sensible new Texan anti-abortion bill.

The rant starts by saying that Republicans are equivalent to the Taliban. That is very bizarre, given the fact that the Progressives and the Taliban have the same relationship to the freedom of speech, other individual freedoms, genuinely capitalist economy, and almost every other pillar of the Western civilization. And the U.S. government that Aaronson has voted for just gave almost $100 billion worth of modern weapons to the Taliban for free. The gift was a part of the most spectacular surrender in the U.S. history.

While Ann Coulter has correctly observed that Biden's withdrawal could be described as "heroic" from the viewpoint of the conservatives while Trump has only promised the withdrawal and chose the cowardly surrender to the interventionists, she is completely wrong when she suggests that Biden has actually displayed courage. He has displayed an even greater cowardliness because his decision was imposed on him by forces that are anti-West, partly pro-Islam, and that dominate the Democratic Party today. She is just wrong to view Biden as a guy who tries to answer some internal disagreements between the U.S. conservatives. He is playing a completely different game today and the stakes are much higher – not just some disagreements among Republicans.

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American debacle

Commentary by Alexander Tomský

The fiasco of the 20-year US occupation of Afghanistan is unprecedented in the world. After the relatively quick victory over the Islamist Taliban and Al-Qaeda in 2004, how could the world power ever think that it could create a cohesive (national?) society in a mountainous country of primitive and savage warrior tribes. Did the American experts and military strategists know nothing of the failure of the British and Soviet attempts to impose their imperial order on that poor country?

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109 Czech deaths apparently caused by the Covid vaccination

That's about 50,000 vaccine deaths globally. CNN Prima News helpfully listed the most cited side effects

There may be very serious, long-term effects of the Covid vaccination (which I find unlikely but possible; and the emergence of ADE seems somewhat likely) but there are surely immediate reactions to the vaccine and lots of deaths. The Czech subsidiary of CNN has helpfully listed the vaccine-related complaints and deaths in Czechia, a nation of 10.7 million which has delivered 11.4 million vaccines (5.7 million first jabs; 5.5 million second jabs; 0.2 million one-shot vaccines).

My calculated result 50,000 vaccine deaths has been said to be compatible with the Eudra and VAERS data in Europe and America. Note that the vaccine deaths are smaller than the Covid deaths by almost 2 orders of magnitude. But if you restrict both deaths to the young people or even kids, you will see that the vaccination kills more people than Covid. If you restrict the Covid deaths to the epoch when the vaccination was intense, the vaccine deaths "win" even among some older groups.

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Johnny Depp could relax in Carlsbad

Carlsbad (Karlovy Vary in Czech, KV) is Czechia's largest spa town, one which hosted numerous emperors and cultural elites (such as Goethe) during its golden era a century ago. Months ago, Carlsbad along with Franzensbad (CZ: Františkovy Lázně) and Marienbad (CZ: Mariánské Lázně), the triangle of the Western Bohemian spas, was included into the new UNESCO European spa list (for Czechia, 3/11 isn't a bad proportion of the Europe's famous spas). See some 260+ pictures from a recent trip.

One of the modern events in Carlsbad is the international film festival (KVIFF), a mini-Cannes with HQ in the huge socialist-era Hotel Thermal (which is undergoing a renovation, not yet completed); some screening takes place in the Municipal Theater. Depp lived in Grand Hotel Pupp, a top 3 hotel in the town. Mainly because the era of emperors is gone and the influence of Czech gems has collapsed during the communist era, KVIFF isn't really in Cannes' league and it must be grateful for its stars. The actor-turned-director of KVIFF, Jiří Bartoška, manages to invite a widely recognized global star almost every year. Johnny Depp came late and wasn't the only star (Michael Caine was a problem-free star and impressed many; Ethan Hawke was said to be contemplative) but the Czech (and imported?) fans spoke a clear language. This KVIFF was a Depp event. The number of fans who waited for him and enthusiastically greeted him surpassed the number of guests at the official ceremonies.

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Only those countries that have experienced communism will survive the fatal virus

By Mr Maroš Puchovský (Slovakia), written in Zmena/Všehomír [Change/Universe] 30 years ago (!!!)

Thanks to Bohumil from Volný Blok and HankaH13 for finding the article for me

This is what the people of Western Europe will soon be.
(LM: The image and the caption were included in the 30-year-old article.)

[Introduction in the box.] Ibrahim Husseini, leader of the Provençal Allah's Front, becomes president of France and proclaims an Islamic republic in Paris. German Chancellor Türgüt Mustafa is alarmed by attacks by the Shiite majority in Bavaria against the Catholic minority, which demands the reintroduction of German at least in primary schools. British Prime Minister Jalal Jrinaputra faces separatism from Buddhists who set fire to a Hindu temple in Liverpool. Jorge Luis de las Mercedes Pérez y Dominguez, governor of independent California, introduces Spanish as the only official language in the state. So do the presidents of the other independent Hispanic states – Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Florida. The year is 2023...

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