Friday, October 10, 2008

Google chrome: resolving host: fix

The new version or newer seems to fix this problem with long delays while opening certain websites:
Download it here (click)

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  1. I found the solution to be a little more complicated.

    Step 1:
    In Chrome, click the wrench icon, select "Options" then "Under the hood". Hit the button at the bottom that says "Reset to defaults".

    Step 2:
    On the same screen, make sure "Use DNS pre-fetching" is un-checked.

    Step 3:
    On the same screen, scroll down and press the button that says "Change proxy settings".

    Step 4:
    This assumes you are on broadband (with a pen and paper, write down your current settings so you can back them up if things go wrong). Click on "Lan Settings". Make sure "Automatically Detect Settings" is un-checked. Click "Ok".

    Step 5:
    Go to the Window XP/Vista Control Panel (Start, Settings, Control Panel). Load up the "Network Connections".

    Step 6:
    You will now see a list of the network cards and bridges on your computer. Only one of these is used by your computer to connect to the internet. For example, if you are using wireless internet you will only be using the wireless connection. Right click on each other connection and select "disable". You should only have one enabled connection.

    Step 7:
    Restart your machine. Turn it off and on again. This is a very important step.

    Step 8:
    Google Chrome will now be working fully. If not, then clear your history and cache and restart the browser.

    This worked for me. It took me about 2 or 3 minutes in all, and made Chrome perfectly fast. No more "resolving host".