Saturday, February 02, 2008

Mootle: Energy Saving Search

After your 10th search, turn off the lamp in your bedroom and air-conditioning in the living room (it's winter!). After your 100th search, encourage your deputy to ban biofuel production.

After your 200th search, call Al Gore and Leonardo DiCaprio to use a commercial aircraft instead of private jets. After your 500th search, attend a rally to support nuclear energy.

After your 1000th search, give a proper thrashing to your neighbor who wants to shut down a power plant because of global warming.

This search engine reduces food prices and saves energy unlike that wastes even more energy, especially when combined with LCD displays. Also, this search engine is cheaper than by more than USD 44 billion.

(c) Mootle Inc 2008

Comment: Click at Mootle Inc above and bookmark it. The search engine is not equivalent to Google. It prefers pages from the arXiv, Wikipedia, TRF, Physics World, Physics Today, and a few climate realist websites, among others. Try it. You may find it useful.

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