Wednesday, October 20, 2004

David Gross and screening of letters

Screening of letters can be a great idea. David Gross's problem is that he (and Frank Wilczek and David Politzer) invented anti-screening instead, and the result is shown on his daughter's picture.

Dear All: Family, Friends, Colleagues

Buried in an avalanche of congratulations, I vowed to answer each andevery email. But I have succumbed to reality, for the moment. I will try to respond to each of you personally as soon as possible. Till then know how much I appreciate your good wishes.

Thanks to my friends and family for all their support over many years, thanks to my wonderful colleagues for their collaboration and friendship, and thanks to QCD itself, such a marvelous facet of nature that we were lucky to first glimpse.

My current state of mind is best expressed in the enclosed cartoon,drawn by my daughter Elisheva.

All the best,

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