Saturday, November 13, 2004

After the Sunset (spoilers)

I believe that Xmen II was the last movie I've seen in a regular movie cinema in the States. Last night we picked the movie rather randomly, and After the Sunset was the winner.

It's a good comedy similar to James Bond 007, even though it's perhaps a bit shallow. Well, the Czech readers may appreciate my comment that the movie may be even more similar to James Blonde 007. ;-) Max and Lola (Pierce Brosnan and Salma Hayek), a very successful pair of thiefs of jewelry, decide to retire. They move to Bahamas - which is a very nice place where Viktor Kožený, our former colleague from Harvard, has also moved.

  • Incidentally, snow has arrived to Massachusetts!

However, their traditional opponent, the hapless FBI agent Stan Lloyd (Woody Harrelson), visits them. He shows Max a huge temptation - a very expensive diamond located in a large ship. Although Max replies that he can't get this one, finally he steals this one, too (well, he does it during scuba-diving). Meanwhile, Max and Stan are fishing together; they sort of sleep together, after Lola kicks Max out from their house: other FBI agents find them together in the bed which is funny and embrarassing.

At the end, Stan nearly believes that he is able to defeat Max this time (and privatize the jewel for himself). But the reality is different - and Max once again remotely controls Stan's car. A very important part of the movie are various scenes with Lola who shows many things, and she looks good. I was surprised to learn that she was born in 1966. At any rate, it is likely that I will forget about the movie pretty soon...


  1. Dear Lubos
    Thanks a million for commenting on my blog!At last someone out there paid attention to this thing ;).And thanks also for reminding me that this is among other things a blog about physics and not exclusively about my mundane private life.It seems that you are working on some quite advanced cosmological be honest I consider cosmology as a very challenging domain but the maths are...lethal :D....So I'd rather go for some theoretical solid state which is slightly more physicist friendly :D.

  2. Hi D! Welcome here ;-).

    Yes, Condensed matter is still a prototype of a physics field, but you must be ready to be drifted either to nanostuff, or to biophysics. See e.g.

  3. Thanks for commenting on my my blog too! However, unlike your very nice looking and professionalish blog, mine has always simply functioned as an online journal, and has no real usefulness of a scientific nature. The "struggle" I refer to is supposed to simply represent the many hurdles on encounters on the path to becoming a sucessful string theorist... Perhaps I view graduate school in that way, as a struggle against oneself.
    Oh, and I probably need to sit down and read that new Dijkgraf Vafa paper myself. Interesting stuff.

  4. Hey Sam! Take it more optimistically. Physics should be more than a struggle, and I am sure it will be if you look from the right angle.