Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Aral Sea: 2003-2007

The image changes when your mouse hovers over the link 2003 or 2007

Aral sea in 2003 and 2007:

This is what I call a visible change. I took the 2007 picture from Google Maps. See also Reviving Aral Sea, a story about the partial undoing of communism.

A 30-feet sea level rise in a few years seems to be a better thing than a centrally organized environmentalist attempt to make the a huge territory more friendly to life and agriculture.

The Aral Sea has been used as a rather extreme laboratory. The salinity in the ocean is 3.5 percent. In the Aral Sea, it was about 35 percent. ;-) This is the approximate value of salinity where problems start to be apparent. Nevertheless, the drought itself was still higher a problem than the huge salinity.


  1. This picture is not from 2007 it ist from 1997 or older.
    Google maps pictures are old, my friend.
    The main aral sea is still getting worse !!! Only the small norther part is getting better

  2. This is the actual aral sea in 2006 at Visual Earth

  3. Dear Gentlemen, thanks and yes, I realized this fact after I finished this short posting, which is why I moved it immediately to the 2004 dumping ground so that it is searchable but it doesn't show up in the recent articles for regular readers. ;-)