Sunday, November 14, 2004

Desktop Google

Microsoft has started its Google-killer at

Indeed, in many respects, it is better than Google - 10 times as fast, for example. Besides the advantages, there seems to be one disadvantage: the ordering of the pages just does not seem as good as Google's. Giving the right importance to various pages is something that the Google guys have become very good at, and Microsoft will need more time to catch up, I think. However, when it's done, it's conceivable that Microsoft will take over. They should also choose a better URL.

But what I want to tell you primarily is that there is a great desktop version of Google. Download it from:

It will need a couple of hours to make an index of your computer, but then you will be able to search through all your local files containing some text, using the usual Google interface! Recommended!


  1. Hi Lubos! I enjoyed reading your blog, since I love theoretical physics. I am a russian girl living in San Francisco.
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  2. Privet Xenija! Thanks for your website, it's a lot of fun. ;-) Good luck with your Hitachi junior.

  3. I guess the biggest draw-back of Google's new desktop search is that it doesn't search the file types commonly used by theoretical physicits. At the very least it would have to search PDF, PS and TEX in addition to Office files. -- Would have installed it...

  4. I totally agree! And I've submitted this comment to search for TeX, PS, PDF to Google.