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Am I an ET alien?

The most ridiculous item of the day

Today I've received several e-mails from Doc Savage and from Jack Sarfatti. They have figured out that I am an extraterrestrial alien. Their evidence is composed of many pieces:

A copy of these mails has arrived to the mailboxes of many other people with similar beliefs as Doc Savage and Jack Sarfatti, for example Carlos Castro, Brian Josephson, the Nobel prize winner, and others.

Well, I am sure that they won't believe me anyway. But let me try to say that I am not an ET alien. The Rutgers alien web page has been created as a joke 7 years ago. Well, it's true that since 1998, I've received about 100 e-mails from the people who really believed that I was an extraterrestrial alien and they were extremely grateful that they found my web page (although most of them have already met ET's before). It makes my point harder to prove, but I am really not an ET alien! ;-) The last animation is called "morphing", and I have nothing to do with the shockwave animation.

Thanks for your understanding. :-)

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snail feedback (19) :

reader Matti Pitkanen said...

Dear Lubos,

I have temptation to share your own opinion about your real identity although Martian origins might explain some of the aggressive behavior;-). I dare to speculate that at least Brian Josephson, Carlos Castro, and Tony Smith would cautiously agree with me. The opinions about the physical importance of string theory I find more difficult to share. It would be easier if we could forget this super-string and M theory níghtmare, leave just the bare super-conformal invariance, and take a little bit more seriously the ancient idea about 4-dimensionality of the space-time and standard model symmetries, not as something given but something to be deduced from deeper principles.

With Best Regards,
Matti Pitkanen

reader Luboš Motl said...

Dear Matti,

your suggestion that "Martian origins may explain aggressive behavior" is a form of racism. Also, your proposal that 4 dimensions are somewhat "better" than the remaining 6 or 7 is discrimination. I hope that you will apologize for your statements. ;-)

All the best

reader Quantoken said...


You don't have a sense of humor we earthlings usually have. If you simply say "OK, I AM an alien", nobody will actually believe you, even though it could be true. If you try that much to clarify that you are not an alien, then some one may really think you are an alien. Who knows maybe you are really an alien but you don't even know it yourself :-)

Since now you no longer seem interested in going to my BLOG to try to insult me, as you have promised, I now feel comfortable to post messages there regularly. I am going to discuss scientific frauds committed by some of the most well known people. I am beginning with the so called Havard Tower experiment. Next will be Sr. Eddington, and so and so. I am going to skip the "cold fusion" or other scandals that are already well known.


reader Anonymous said...

Well, you started it with your webpage. So don't go about blaming others.

reader Anonymous said...

Oh my god, you had long hair!

reader Anonymous said...

There are innate differences between Martians and Earthlings. PET and MRI scans show that Martians don't use the head, but use the fundament, when cogitating.

reader Anonymous said...

I suppose you meant that: Martians think within their ASS (Actention Selection System). ;->

Besides, "token" (re: Quantoken) means "the fool" in Swedish.

reader torbjorn said...

anon: "Besides, "token" (re: Quantoken) means "the fool" in Swedish." Too late, I claim first dibs on that observation, see this blog; "Quant-token" is a double :-) :-).

On the other hand, since Quantoken apparently is a given name and not a choosen handle or token, it is not polite to make the observation and I made my apologies. Even if it's rather funny given Qt quackpost crackpot blogspot. :-)

reader torbjorn said...

Come to think of it; isn't the central component of an ASS (Attention Selection System) the ANUS (Absurd Notification User System)? ;-)

Anyway, it is well known that some people doesn't recognise a physical argument then it hits them. They must have MASS (Massive ASS) centers.

reader torbjorn said...

Of course, ANUS should be 'Absurd Notions User System', and (physically) dense people have _large_ MASS centers. Sorry about the confusion. :-)

reader Anonymous said...

Hi Lubos,
how do you know that the anonymous comment you did not delete was from Sheldon Glashow? If you are right and it is really him, I agree: No matter what he says it should be kept. I disagree with Prof. Glashow's view of string theory as much as anyone, but he does deserve the respect of being listened to. If he is wrong, as I think, he will pay the price for that by being remembered as a brilliant genius who turned into a stubborn old man. Anyway, it's remarkable that you can attract people like him to your blog.
Best wishes,

reader Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

reader Anonymous said...

Methinks the alien doth protest too much.


reader Anonymous said...

Loo loo bosh bosh model

reader Jack Sarfatti said...

This Blog is quite funny.
But now for the real thing:

Remarks in quotes are by me Jack Sarfatti commenting on Dan Smith's remarks.

On May 13, 2005, at 9:21 PM, Jack Sarfatti wrote:

My little saucer

"A friend most dear did give to me
That little saucer years ago;
I thought the gift a jeu d'espirit
The saucers worth I did not know;
It seem'd to me to be a fright,
I used to put it out of sight,
It drove me mad,
It drove me mad,
And made me sing from morn till night.
This was the burthen of my song,
This was the burthen of my song!
I cannot love that little saucer,
That little saucer, no! not I!
I cannot love that little saucer,
And what is more, I'll never try!

Another friend, a connoisseur,
That saucer did perchance to see,
When quickly he pronounced its worth
To be ten thousand pounds to me;
It seemed no more to be a fright,
It never, never leaves my sight;
It drives me mad,
It drives me mad,
And makes me sing from morn till night.
This is the burthen of my song,
This is the burthen of my song!
I'll never leave my little saucer,
My little saucer, no! not I!
I'll never leave my little saucer,
And what is more I will not try!"

On May 13, 2005, at 8:28 AM, Dan Smith wrote:


You are being made an offer here that is not meant to be refused, wiggle on the hook though you may.

We are going to be together out there on the dock of the bay in just a few days. Let us see if we can make something of it.

I know that you have been sitting on that dock for many years waiting for your starship to come in.

The message to you from the Aviary in the last couple of weeks is that the starship has already come in.

The Visitors have already been very well ensconced in Area 51,

"Well what did they say about

when I was home alone in 1953?"

and, not uncoincidentally, Ron is now very well ensconced at the DNI.

The time has come to make our move.


It's now or never, Jack.


I'm not going to write your script for you, but I can tell you how the story goes. Listen up, please. Do you really think that I am not addressing to you a matter of national and global security? This is what your life has been leading you up to.


We have received a message from beyond the stars. All the SETI nonsense has, of course, been a deliberate ruse to prepare us for this day.

"You know Phil Morrison wrote that paper with Cocconi while I was one of his students. Also the guys at the WOW signal at Ohio State tried to contact me when they got it. That's odd."

Someone has to deliver this message in the least threatening manner that is possible. I think we are nearly in agreement that I am the designated
messenger boy.

"Don't send my Boy to Princeton, the dying mother said ..."

"Well as a Princeton Boy as long as you write well, say what you wilt."

You, Jack, have been selected to be my straight man. I
realize that this goes against your inner-child who is the stand-up comic. You now get to switch roles. I get to deliver the cosmic punch-line; you get to play the man on the street, caught in the cosmic headlights. Are you clever enough to pull off this switcheroo with grace and wit?? Well, you are, or you wouldn't be here, would you? If I can play the Trickster, you can play the Trickee, and we will both get Oscars. Trust the cosmos that far.

The point is, Jack, that the Physicists of the world have, from the beginning of time and especially since 1945, been the designated initial
targets for this message. It is hardly coincidental that both of us have come out of that school of thought.

"Don't forget also Carlo Suares the Qabalist and "The Cipher of Genesis" with his saying I was "Heir to The Tradition" with Rashi de Troyes & Godfroi de Boulloin and the First Crusade 1000 years ago. That's another converging thread."

You have, as much as anyone in the world, pushed the boundaries of physics to the point of bursting. And here I come along with my little, immaterial
'prick'! Is this going to ruin the whole day for physics?

"Not at all. Post-Modern Physics is way beyond The Victorian Station Master's naive "materialism"."

Well, Jack, that's going to depend very largely on your expertise, finesse and, yes, your bedside manner. Within a few weeks, the global physics community will be catching a cosmic cold. You will be there with the aspirin, holding their hand.

The world, hardly unsurprisingly, has got itself hog-tied into an intellectual, spiritual and political gridlock. The physics community, with all their cosmological training, with all their stretching of their imaginations, have, in the cosmic plan, been the designated hitters here, and you are their designated batting coach, with my initial tutelage. You are nothing if you are not a quick study. That will be your baby. The rest of the world will be my baby. Once we have garnered the attention of the
physics community, the rest of the world will not be able to ignore the Ron, Dan and Jack show, will they?

Do you catch the drift?

Ja vo!

Spitfires?! That's you and me, Jack! We are the no longer secret cosmic weapons.


-----Original Message-----
From: Jack Sarfatti []
Sent: Friday, May 13, 2005 3:01 AM
To: Dan Smith
Subject: Re: We have all the time in the world to get this straight...

Oh Danny Boy, The Pipes of Pan are calling.

Yes, do as thou wilt.

You have a POV express it.

God is merciful?

God loves us?

Depends what you mean by "God".

Some ET's may appear to us primitives as Gods as did Cortez to the

So I am wary and will build the New Spitfire with Weightless Warp Drive.

On May 12, 2005, at 10:43 PM, Jack Sarfatti wrote:

On May 12, 2005, at 10:07 PM, Dan Smith wrote:

How do I know anything?  I know that God will reveal to us what we need to know when we need to know it.  Why?  Because God is merciful.  Why?  Because if God did not love her creation, we surely would not be here, and would not know as much as we already know.  Because we all know that hate is only parasitic upon love.  Because we all have an innate ability to love and to reason and to know right
from wrong. 
Nowhere in any of your formulas have you or will you find anything that resembles love, wisdom, insight, artistic genius, etc., etc.

"I am getting to know how the saucers fly. That's my interest at the moment."

Yet, we all know that there is a cosmic intelligence, and we all know that we are capable of more or less emulating that intelligence.

How else do you idiots think that we can be mathematics and physics geniuses?  And why are you so obstructed in your Aspergers,

"Aspergers? Is that a vegetable?"

Idiot Savant mind sets, that you arrogate human and cosmic genius to your one minuscule sand box. 
Anybody who knows anything about our visitors knows that they came here sixty years ago primarily fixated upon our nuclear capabilities. 

"Scott Littleton says they have been here for thousands of years."

They knew that we had arrived at an historical jumping-off point.  We were either going to jump into the abyss, or we were going to be enlightened concerning our origin and destiny.
So why have we been waiting all these sixty years?  Mainly for two reasons.  To settle the Cold War, and to then bring the Ron and Dan show to its logical fruition.  Ron is now at the same or higher
political level than all the former Intelligence Agency directors, all the while hanging out in public with a person he had himself equated to the second coming.  If you think this very peculiar and
public career path has not raised red flags in every intelligence organization around the world, well, your brains must be mush. 

"I do wonder about that."
For anyone whose brains are not mush, that makes me the designated enlightener.  Are you with me or are you against me?  That’s what it all comes down to, folks. 

"We're withya Massa Sir Boss Man. ;-)"
You don’t have to take my word for any of this.  Simply determine whether I am being rational or irrational about the cosmos and the ultimate nature of being. 
I have been granted no special powers, or even authority.  I am only here to demonstrate that we all have the power of divine reason, along with every other power.  All we have to do is become less
fixated on the atoms and more fixated on the cosmic archetypes, about which you will find hundreds of pages on my website.  About which I
will hold forth 24/7 as soon as the rest of you can get your acts together, after the fashion of me and Ron.

reader Jack Sarfatti said...

Beautiful presentation! Dark energy instabilities ripping apart metal? Or is it simply conventional electrostatic energy? That's a question. :-)

I am putting our paper together in Super Cosmos. I brought it up to date recently. I think I sent you the pdf before I left San Francisco.

Nothing like hard evidence to show that maybe

Guv + /\zpfguv = 0

/\zpf = |Vacuum ODLRO||Anyon ODLRO|cos(argVacuum ODLRO - argAnyon ODLRO)

has consequences just like

E = Mc^2

But even more powerful? You can't always understand a seemingly innocuous set of symbols by simply looking at them.

On May 13, 2005, at 7:46 AM, Ken Shoulders wrote:

A paper by Ken Shoulders entitled "EVOs And The Hutchison Effect" will be presented at the 2005 Conference on Cold Fusion to be held at MIT on May 21. A 1 MB .PDF file showing some of the graphics slides to be used in that presentation can now be downloaded from:


reader Jack Sarfatti said...

On Aug 16, 2005, at 3:24 PM, Carlos Castro wrote:

Dear Jack :

You appeared in the UCSB local TV station Channel 21.
You were sitting in the front, next to David Gross and
this woman. Alan Brody and Alan Lightman were both the

Schrieffer is in deep shit. He had many speeding
tickets and was driving with a supended license.

Yes, you know how to drive carefully those high power
sports cars.

I have to be in Rome in September.

We stay in touch.

Best wishes to Tina


reader Jack Sarfatti said...

On Aug 16, 2005, at 3:24 PM, Carlos Castro wrote:

Dear Jack :

You appeared in the UCSB local TV station Channel 21.
You were sitting in the front, next to David Gross and
this woman. Alan Brody and Alan Lightman were both the

Schrieffer is in deep shit. He had many speeding
tickets and was driving with a supended license.

Yes, you know how to drive carefully those high power
sports cars.

I have to be in Rome in September.

We stay in touch.

Best wishes to Tina


On Aug 16, 2005, at 3:12 PM, George Chapline wrote:


The stories didn't mention that Shrieffer is bipolar and is stabilized by drugs.


Will PHYSICS TODAY cover this story or not?

Too bad. NINE speeding tickets? Well looks like a character problem there. I now have a very different reaction. Shrieffer as the Ira Einhorn of physics? He deserves to do time in that case. I would put him under house arrest - never drive again obviously. Sounds like Shrieffer may have a brain tumor? Has he always been sociopathic? Anyone know him personally?

On Aug 16, 2005, at 11:12 AM, Tony Smith wrote:

Jack, here, below my signature, are some news accounts about Schrieffer.
As you can see, he may spend some time in the Cal state prison system.


An article at
"... Florida State University Professor John Robert Schrieffer, 74,
formerly of the University of California, Santa Barbara,
pleaded no contest July 25 to felony vehicular manslaughter
with gross negligence for crashing into the Toyota van
near Orcutt on Sept. 24.
Schrieffer had nine prior speeding tickets and was driving on a suspended
license at the time of the crash. He also admitted to a criminal enhancement
of causing great bodily injury to three people in the van.

... Under a plea bargain, Schrieffer was supposed to be sentenced
to eight months in county jail.
But Superior Court Judge Jim Herman, after hearing the teary pleas
of several relatives of the crash victims, said Monday he thought
Schrieffer might deserve a greater punishment.
"I think you need a taste of state prison," Herman said. "The tragedy
of this case is that you're a bright man who has made great contributions
to society ... It's a puzzle why you decided to drive high-performance cars
at great speeds on public highways."
Herman sent Schrieffer to Wasco State Prison for examination by an expert
who will determine whether state prison or county jail is appropriate.
Schrieffer will return to Herman's court Nov. 7 for sentencing. ...".

Another article at,1,102278.story?coll=la-head
"... Schrieffer had piled up nine speeding tickets since 1993,
most of them in the last few years, prosecutors said. At the time
of the accident, he was driving on a suspended Florida license,
he initially fabricated a story about a truck forcing him off the freeway.
... Schrieffer is now on leave without pay from his $220,000-a-year position
at the lab in Tallahassee, where he leads an international crew of top
scientists in research using one of the world's most powerful magnets.
... Schrieffer is married and has three grown children. In 1958, he met
his wife, Anne, while he was on a fellowship in Copenhagen, later telling
friends that he knew he wanted to marry her just 10 minutes into their
conversation. Two years later - after virtually no contact - he showed up
at her house in Denmark with a new Mercedes-Benz sports car, dated the
18-year-old for a little more than two weeks and proposed. ...".

Another article at
Schrieffer acknowledged that he drove his Mercedes-Benz down Highway 101
at speeds of more than 100 mph, crashing into a van and killing
57-year-old Renato Catolos, a warehouse manager at General Dynamics.
His Florida driver's license was suspended last year after he collected
18 points in 18 months, records show. Among his speeding tickets were a
citation for going 94 mph in a 60 mph zone and 84 mph in a 55 mph zone.
He also failed to pay traffic fines five times and drove without insurance
in 2004. ... Schrieffer initially told investigators that a truck hauling
a trailer had clipped his car and the van, according to the Santa Maria Times.
He later admitted that he made up the truck account. ... In court Monday,
Agnes Ysselstein, the oldest daughter of victim Renato Catolos,
wept as she told the judge how much she missed her dad. ... "Mr. Schrieffer
is a very intelligent man with no respect for the legal system," said the
woman's husband, Joe Ysselstein. ...".

reader Jack Sarfatti said...

Of course we knew it was a joke Lubos. The joke is on you. ;-)

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