Sunday, January 02, 2005

New Year - pictures

You can view a collection of random photographs if you click the thumbnail below:

Microsoft Internet Explorer is recommended. If your XP Service Pack 2 gives you a message that it protects you from Active-X content, you may click on this message and order the explorer to allow the slide show. It was safely created with Microsoft's own PowerToys.

The slide show allows you to browse through the thumbnails, much like in Windows XP Explorer. The collection includes ice sculptures, fireworks, and other things. The last 20 seconds of the fireworks are also available as a fireworks video.

Incidentally, there are other fireworks being planned, too. NASA is going to compete with the "atom smashers" at CERN and Fermilab. The guys can't wait to destroy their spacecraft and hit a comet on July 4th, much like in Deep Impact. Such things happen if adults behave as children - but to be honest, it should be a lot of fun! :-)


  1. The slideshow works perfectly using Firefox in Linux. No Windows needed at all!

  2. Well, I am also using Firefox under Linux in my office. It works because new links were created - but it only works in the primitive form where you have the "next" and "previous" buttons. The Microsoft Internet Explorer users have many more buttons for viewing the slide - for example "Thumbnails", "Filmstrip" where you can click a thumbnail in a "list" and get the full picture. ;-) If your Firefox can do it too, let me know.