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The horrible CERN girls (LHC)

Did you know what the LHC stands for?

which means "the horrible girls from CERN". This high-energy rock band

is famous because these girls appear on the first image on the web. The music (and lyrics) is pretty cool, too! For example, try Liquid Nitrogen. Thanks to Patrick Veverka ("Veverka" means "squirrel" in Czech) for this information.

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snail feedback (4) :

reader Anonymous said...

The best piece of their lyrics is the "square root of 2670 billion times 10 to the power of 90 divided by 2" milliseconds. ;) And the song "Strong Interaction" is pure porn.

reader Anonymous said...

Great act, even considering that they are 'just' secretaries. I have met their kind having worked at a premiere scientific institution like where they work. GOOD FOR THEM!

reader Anonymous said...

Why did you have to tell everyone what my last name meant? :) Just kidding, good post.

reader curmudgeonly-eccentric said...

HAH that's my mother's maiden name I've known what it means since the 60's :)

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