Monday, February 14, 2005

Libertarian girl was a hoax

The frequent visitors of my blog have probably noticed that one of the "social" links points to the blog of Libertarian Girl:

She started with and then she moved her blog to I've been one of the naive people who believed that she was real, and I am proud about it. Click at these links to see what happened with that picture!

In fact, in my opinion, there exists no physical law that would strictly prohibit the existence of a young gorgeous girl who spends hours with her libertarian blog. Many girls and women are very close to that point! Libertarian girl always looked not only intelligent, but a little bit too tough - for example she was pretty strongly pro-war (even pro-war in Iran). But all these things are possible, aren't they?

What about the girl on the picture? Her name is Viktoriya and she is a Ukrainian woman from Kiev "seeking man". This was probably enough for the inventor of Libertarian Girl not to be afraid of copyright infringements. After long speculations about her gender - which Libertarian Girl identified as sexism - someone has finally found the other picture: see the blog here.

The creator of Libertarian Girl claims that he has learned several things: for example "how easy attractive women have it". He estimates that it's "ten times for a woman's blog to become popular". He also believes that "whenever [he] sees an attractive woman with a successful career, [he]’ll remember the experience of this blog and assume that she didn’t really get there on merit, just her looks."

I will personally never make this assumption; on the other hand, it's good to know about this correlation. Let me admit that "her" link did not appear on my blog just on "merit". What about the other 36 blogs that linked her within two months? We report, you decide...


  1. The funny thing is that there really are very hot attractive libertarians living and working in Washington, D.C.

    Working with a number of them, I guess I am more surprised that a real libertarian girl blog didn't appear sooner.

  2. Where's the post with a picture of Brian Greene saying "String Theory Was A Hoax"?

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  4. Hmm USA "libertarians" are, as far as I understand, bunch of competitive individualists. Usually believers both on money and on themselves. Of such individualism one could expect an emphasis on personal attractive.

    (By the way it is regretable that the same word is used for atoms, infinitesimals and individuals. Surely Cicero is to be blamed by the later).