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Graduate students support Summers' presidency

There were several reasons why I did not post anything here for a few days:

  • The report from Sidneyfest was slightly time-consuming, and there were good reasons to keep it as the first posting of the blog for a couple of days
  • On Monday morning, all physics professors at Harvard received an embarassing e-mail from an anonymous sender who was most likely located in San Diego. The sender, who was provoked by my article about the last faculty meeting, connected me with voodoo, cross-dressing (?), accused me of racism, and demonstrated that he supported very different political powers in Iraq than I do (well, he or she supported the anti-American forces)
  • Would you agree that it is sick to combine the discussion about Summers with the situation in Iraq and the Middle East? It was not the first time when an e-mail indicated that Al-Qaeda is going after Summers' supporters. I was feeling threatened, embarassed, and black-mailed, and now I am only slowly regaining the feelings of freedom and self-confidence
  • The physics postings were also suppressed for a couple of days after the description of Witten's talk at Sidneyfest revealed that even things such as the Weinberg-Witten theorem are controversial
Concerning our University's president, I am happy to announce that according to an official poll at Harvard's GSAS (Graduate School of Arts and Sciences),

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snail feedback (3) :

reader babaloo said...

Dear Lubos,

Good to have you back. Great post on the conference! For those of us who couldn't get to the conference, it made a real difference to have a posting with as much detail as you provided. Thanks for the effort.

Frankly, I am regularly shocked and dismayed by the nastiness with which you express contempt for reasonable people with opposing points of view. I read your Blog regularly however because you have many important things to say and it sickens me that someone is trying to silence you.

Whoever you are out there, please keep in mind that many of us who often find this blog offensive in form find it important in content. We appreciate this forum for self-expression. You will simply drive us towards Lubos rather than away from him with childish attempts to scare him away from posting.

Lubos: get back in there!

Let us know how we can help.

All the best,


P.S. When this topic is not so hot, it might be a good idea to have a discussion about the chilling effects of dogma and orthodoxy. I don't want to give aid and comfort however to some psycho trying to shut you down for expressing your opinions. More power to you.

reader Quantoken said...


My sympathy to you for having been attacked by that anonymous email. No body deserves that kind of treatment regardless of his/her political point of view. I guess what you should do is try to track down where that email comes from. And let the sender know that he/she can not remain anonymous and should still be held accountable for his/her actions.

I personally do not believe it is possible to remain anonymous on the internet. So I always use the name Quantoken whenever I email or post anything.

I hope this does not discourage you from continuously posting about physics. We can continue to disagree on things but such disagreement should not be used as excuse to suppress or censor any one of any opinion. But do keep my good advice in mind, you are young, aggressive and smart. But you have to realize you could have quite some natural enermies out there trying to get you. Be a little careful is never a bad idea.

Have a good day.


reader Zelah said...

I have read the relevant article.

I must point out that I am shocked at how close the vote was! Also the 2nd vote was OVERWHELMING AGAINST Mr Summers.

I do not see these votes by Graduate Students as positive!

Fortunately Harvard is a corporation, for Mr Summer's position would be lost judging by opinion expressed at Harvard.

Let hope Mr Lubos survives the coming few months, for change at Harvard must occur. I.e the ringleaders who attacked Mr Summer must go, or Mr Summers must go!

(My preference is for Summers to stay, for universities will have to compete with online services more and more and only strong leadership will prevail!)

Good Luck!

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