Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Matthias Ihl

Matthias Ihl, a German theoretical physicist from Austin, started his own blog.
Don't be discouraged by the German language - some of the important postings are written in English. The main reason why I promote his blog is its excellent design. Don't you think that the colors, fonts, texts, and icons of his blog are perfectly balanced and beautiful? Jawohl! :-) What a beautiful blog.


  1. Lubos,

    I am not discouraged by the German language 8-)
    I wonder where the design for the blog comes from ...

    Speaking of encouragement: It is kind of encouraging to read your previous post about crystalline space-time. You indicate that it is kind of legitimate to think about lattice gravity after all 8-)

    By the way, if you think about the
    Euclidean sector (now this is 2 posts earlier), it is not so difficult to find lattices which preserves rotational and/or translational invariance etc. in the continuum limit or when averaged over many cells.

    But of course you are right, we have currently no convincing lattice model of quantum gravity.


    PS: I post OT to this thread because I did not wnat to get in between the "Sean discussion".

  2. Dear Wolfgang,

    thanks for your comment. I'm happy to see your rare optimism that the topological string-theoretical crystals are another evidence that the direct latticization of gravity in 4D is promising. ;-)

    All the best

  3. I do not see where I used "direct" or 4D.


  4. Dear Wolfgang!

    I do not see where I wrote that you used 4D or direct. ;-)

    You have not used it here, but you definitely think so, don't you?


  5. No, I do not "definitely think so".
    It is not clear at all that a realistic lattice gravity theory in 4D is possible.
    But it is easier to study low dimensional models first.
    (Although I know of at least one 10D lattice gravity model.)

    Once the cases 3D, 4D are sufficiently understood it may be time to move on to more complex ideas.

    I just do not share your opinion that we can rule 4D models completely out already.

    I hope this clarifies my point,

  6. sorry to interrupt your conversation on lg in 4D, but i must interject: what a beautiful blog matthias ihl has! if only your own blog can be as glorious, motl... /me sighs

    perhaps you'll learn someday! ;)

  7. What a wonderful spate of off-topic threads you have recently!

  8. Demos, your webpage is worse than Motl's, much less Ihl's. :)

  9. To answer Wolfgang's question, the design for Matthias and Luboš's blogs is by the very talented web designer, Doug Bowman. It's one of a series of templates prepared by Bowman, Dave Shea, Jeffrey Zeldman, and other top-drawer designers for the Blogger relaunch last May.

  10. Jacques,

    thank you for the reply and the link.
    Do you know if the star in the header has some (hidden) meaning ?
    (like this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_star)
    I always wondered why Lubos of all people would have this star on his blog.


  11. I suppose those are two questions:

    1)Why did Bowman put a star there?
    2)Why did Luboš choose this one out of the 26 designs available?

    Some of the web designers wrote rather extensively about the thought processes which went into their designs. But Bowman's blog post doesn't give any hints as to why the star.

    As to why Luboš chose the star, you'll have to ask him.

  12. since this is already off topic, i want to apologize to you [luboš] about me taking it way out there.

    first of all, my name is DEMIE. please call me demie. thanks =) im a girl. demos is like, ugh. i hate any other name. if you want to call me demosthenes, take the time to type the whole damn thing out. it's not HARD.

    secondly, what is it that offends you on my site? it doesn't look like you've actually read it ;) i already put a disclaimer. scroll down on the main page and read the site news. there are 4 points i feel that everyone who visits should read before they complain. and if you do, be more specific.

    of course, i know you're joking, just like i was joking about motl's and ihl's. but just making sure.

    i will say that i dont even maintain my site, so it is definitely not as wonderful as motl's is. neglect in its most terrible form. it's a cloud, i swear.


  13. The pentagram is the symbol of the occult and of course, red stands for blood, fire, violence, anger, danger and sex.

  14. Oh my god, so the red star is the symbol for communism! I never would have guessed!

  15. Motl's blog design is very wasteful of horizontal space. Think of all the additional scrolling we have to put up with!

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