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TRF commenting policies

Like elsewhere on the web, discussions are encouraged as long as they're polite and intelligent enough and their assertiveness or degree of hostility remains adequate in comparison with the quality and strength of your arguments, as judged by the host.

You can get banned relatively quickly (moderators are exempted from the rules)

  1. if you try to bully the host or other commenters and force them to shut up (or be silent about particular topics such as the political ones) i.e. if you try to strip someone (especially the host or someone who has the host's sympathies) from the basic freedom of speech; also, if the main content of your comment is the proposition "the majority [or authority or the wealthy or powerful people] has to be right"
  2. if you use pronouns or racial, ethnic, or sexual labels for people that are demonstrably incompatible with the reality as encoded in the DNA (this rule implies that e.g. "deadnaming", i.e. the correct association of the gender according to the biological sex, is mandatory on this website)
  3. if you use a high number of nicks or if they look too anonymous or if your comments look like spam or promotion of other pages or products or entities (including things like cryptocurrencies) that indicates that you haven't really read the blog posts or the other users' comments; and/or you came there to redirect the traffic instead of discussing topics introduced by the local blog post
  4. if you repeat certain slogans considered wrong by the host that have been written hundreds of times; in particular, that category may include the proposition that scientific theories are obliged to assume the objective reality like classical physics did; that string theory or other vital theories in modern physics are "not falsifiable"; that theories have to be falsifiable in practice and quickly or useful for the ordinary humans; that there is some lethal problem with capitalism, stock market, fiat money, or central banks; and a dozen of other examples
  5. if you post a comment saying just something like "you are such an [expletive]" without any content whatsoever – a comment that indicates that you're just a dishonest ideologue who found the truth inconvenient

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