Sunday, May 08, 2005

E_{11} and P. P. Cook

I want to mention that everyone who was interested in the exceptional hyperbolic algebras E_{10} (and higher) should read the blog article of P.P. Cook

In my previous comment "almost nothing is known about E_{11}", you may have wondered why the word "almost" appeared, and P.P. Cook has an answer.

Another small remark: on Friday Joe Marsano spoke about the symplectic structure on the phase space (space of solutions) of the half-BPS bubbling solutions asymptoting to AdS5 x S5. And it turned out he is an extraordinary speaker. Because the LLM machinery has already been described on this blog, I won't repeat Joe's excellent review of the basic picture. In calculating the symplectic 2-form - which can be written as an integral of something that can be called a symplectic current - they used the formalism of Witten and Crnkovic, among others.

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