Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Scientific American & Giddings

In the most recent issue of "Scientific American," Steve Giddings and Bernard Carr explain why and how the LHC is conceivably going to produce a lot of tiny black holes and what it means for our knowledge of physics and for our survival:

There are several other interesting feature articles. John Barrow and John Webb talk about

Well, I could not sign every letter, but some people could find it a cute reading. Another article explains why

In another feature article, "Scientific American" defends orthodox science against the Danish skeptical heretic once again and it explains that the true believers in science can be certain even if the results of the calculations are uncertain:

Another article is about

Unfortunately I don't have the right to tell you what the last feature article is exactly about - because the text is about a certain

It is also my duty to inform all the readers at Harvard University and other Ivy League colleges that they are not allowed to click at the link above, and if they have already clicked at it, they are requested to forget everything they have seen. This list also includes the colleague who sent me about 15 e-mails through various remailers a month ago because the survival of that person could not be guaranteed after she saw the article. I was very sad but not surprised to learn who was the sender.

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  1. Hey Lubos,

    I am so happy to hear you found out who sent these coward derogatory emails. I remember the first lead was to San Diego, no? Probably just the location of some proxy server, I guess.

    Maybe it's too much asked, but would you mind telling us who did it? I think whoever does such thinks deserves to be exposed, even publicly.

    I hope things have gotten better and easier for you now.