Monday, May 16, 2005

Techexplorer tests

This posting is an experiment. It's very likely that you won't see the mathematics below. In that case, I recommend you to

Before you install this software, you should close your internet browser. When you re-open this page with Internet Explorer, you should click at "To help protect your security" and you should "Allow the blocked content". One of many advantages of the Techexplorer is that the source may be written not only in MathML, but also directly in TeX or LaTeX. Fine, so let me do several experiments.

First, let us write down a matrix.

Fine, now we should add a nonsensical expression with some different colors:

How quickly can I write down the CP-violating topological term of four-dimensional gravity? It is

That's enough for now. If you want to know how can you write mathematics like the equations above on your web pages, simply click "View/Page Source" and search for the word "embed" (without quotation marks). Paste the "embed" ... "/embed" section onto your web page and edit it: it is self-explanatory and the main thing inside that you will modify is a TeX source.

Unfortunately, this kind of mathematics cannot be posted as comments - neither the slow ones, nor the fast ones.

Some people may ask: am I also able to write a more difficult mathematical expression?

Well, this is what one obtains for a twistorial sum after contour-integrating. ;-)

Update 2011: I replaced this (and other) implementation of maths by MathJax which seems superior. Search for MathJax on this blog.

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