Thursday, May 12, 2005

U.S., Sweden, and Canada czech out

This article about the Czechs, the 2005 world champions, is very acausal because it was written at different moments.

The U.S. ice-hockey national team faced the Czech Republic in Vienna during the 2005 ice-hockey world championship. The match was the exact mirror image of the same quarter final match last year in Prague. Today, the U.S. took an early 2:0 lead in the beginning. The first 60 minutes ended with a 2:2 tie. No goal occured in the following 10 minutes - overtime. The Czech Republic scored the only goal during the shootout - 3:2 is the final result.

The Czechs have won the 1998 Olympic games in Nagano much like the 1996, 1999, 2000, 2001, and 2005 world championships, see the history; the list of Czechoslovak gold medals would be too long for this blog. The Slovaks faced Canada. Although Slovakia was ahead most of the match, the Slovaks finally lost 4:5. The Canadians are simply better in dealing with the hockey sticks than the Americans; on Saturday, they will beat "unbeaten" Russia 4:3 to become the first finalist. On Sunday, Russia won the match against Sweden to grab the bronze medals.

Because the Canadians are better, it's them who faced the best ice-hockey team in the final match: the Czech Republic topped Sweden 3:2 in the other semi-final on Saturday evening - the last goal (the so-called Second Dvořák's New World Symphony) in overtime had to be confirmed by a videoreferee. What were the odds for the final match? Canada has never won a golden medal in Vienna, unlike Czechoslovakia, Czechia, the Soviet Union, and Sweden. Also, Canada has lost 1:11 with the Soviet Union in 1977 and 0:9 with Sweden in 1987 in the same city.

The previous final match between the Czech Republic and Canada took place in 1996 in Vienna, too. Canada lost 4:2 when the last two Czech goals occured within the last 19 seconds of the match. Last year, the Czechs beat Canada 6:2. The betting companies were kind of crazy because they believed that Canada's chances to win were higher than the Czech odds. However, the final match was a formality for Team Czechia. The Czechs defeated Canada 3:0.
  • The Czech Republic is the 2005 world champion once again. Canada deserves the silver medals, and the Russians - the only team that was able to defeat the Czechs - grabbed the bronze medals.

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  1. You are right Lubos.

    Canadians have no choice but to deal with the climate we are dealt with.

    We just made sure our kids/grandkids, started very early and made due with those ponds.:?)