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Blogs about physics

I recommend the intelligent readers to ignore this message because it is not too serious. Anyway, Google has become pretty good in finding various blogs about interesting topics in physics. You would not believe how many interesting blogs there are, for example

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reader Leucipo said...

Yep Lubos, it seems we are lacking of some diversity here over the public side of internet.

reader Quantoken said...

Lubos must have felt very good about himself that all those google searches seem to turn up his own blog pages as the first entry on the search result.

Actually he should have felt bad about that fact. What he did not understand, is the ***, is part of google, so, certainly, the google search engine will certainly list anything that shows up in *** before entries that occur on other servers. But the fact that his stuff seem more often than not to show up as the first entry, more or less tells us that his blog is one of the rare few physics blogs that uses *** It's only Lubos, and a few other people who followed him, who uses *** Most other smart people, including me, have discovered that there are far better free blog servers else where, and moved away from ***


reader Your Psychiatrist said...

"Most other smart people, including me"

no comment possible. *TILT*

reader Leucipo said...

Actually, the purpose of google controlling blogs is just the contrary, they noticed that their score engine "pigeonrank" was failing due to the different mechanics of blog citation, and they entered in the blog bussiness in order to decrease the impact of blogs. Or, at least, such theory was advanced at these days in the typical slashdottian forums.

reader PlatoHagel said...

Maybe a synopsis of thinking in regards to the diversity of the subject and "the matters" at hand?

A "new process" to see views in contrast to position taken?

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