Monday, June 13, 2005

Lisa Randall in England

Lisa Randall is promoting her book in England where her advanced popular book, The Warped Passages, has been selling for a couple of days. Click the cover image above to access the book web page on the British Amazon.

But what I definitely want to recommend you is the
She is doing an excellent job, I think. They ask her a lot of difficult questions - for example why is the critical dimension of M-theory eleven. Some of the questions are dumb, and Lisa faces the difficult task to explain them the difficult concept of effective theory.

Those who are interested in recent Lisa's appearences in the media should also look at


  1. Lubos:

    Why don't you consider writting a dozen of such pop books as well? You seem to be able to post tons of text on your blog in no time on daily basis, writting a popular book of a few hundred pages must be trivial to you. More importantly you can make some quick bucks and gain fame in this. Lisa Randall can do it, all the other string theory guys are doing it, you can do it, too?

    Looks to me virtually all string theory researchers with a known name have by now turned themselves into scifi novelists, they spend a lot of time doing TV programs and write popular books etc etc. These days you can not turn on the TV and watch "science" channel without seeing one or another of the string theoretists. They allow TV cameras to capture everything thing they do in their lifes: Writting on blackboards or on a piece of paper various equations, walking on the street, sitting, standing, sleeping, hiking, skiing, surfing, doing various sports. One of these people even allowed an underwater camera capture a close-up-from-below of a half naked body swimming in a swimming pool. No, not Lisa Randall:-) It's one of the male super string theoretists.

    At the end of day, in reality, these guys have NOT explained to the public a single thing that has been proven relevant to nature, despite of all the propagation. So I guess it's really for publishing money and fame, not for exploration of scientific truth.


  2. Warp & Wormhole

    All of these formulae are local frame invariant

    e = 1 + B Einstein-Cartan tetrad field 1-form

    T = De = de + W/\e

    T = torsion 2-form

    W = spin connection 1-form

    d = exterior derivative

    T - W/\e = de

    T - W/\(1 + B) = dB

    since d1 = 0

    dT = d^2e + d(W/\e) = d(W/\e) = d(W/\(1 + B)) is a 3-form

    B = (hG/c^3)^1/2"d(argphi)" = warp gravity field

    "phi" is shown in

    B is the compensating gauge potential from T4 -> Diff(4) and it is also the exterior derivative of the Goldstone phase 0-form of the Higgs Vacuum ODLRO field. Branch cut singularities (Dirac strings in space) associated with non-trivial cohomology make Goldstone phase jumps so that

    d"d(argphi)" =/= 0 i.e. Hagen Kleinert's "multiply-valued gauge transformations"

    i.e. dB =/= 0 i.e. d^2 = 0 only in trivial cohomology (simply-connected manifolds)

    R = DW = dW + W/\W

    The "Bianchi identity" is

    DR = 0

    We also have

    D*R = *J

    * = Hodge dual

    *D*R = J

    J is a 1-form in 4D space-time

    Covariant conservation of stress-energy current density would be

    DJ = 0


    D*D*R = 0

    dT = d^2e + d(W/\e) = d(W/\e) = d(W/\(1 + B)) 3-form

    *dT is a 1-form torsion connection addition to the tetrad

    e' = e + *dT

    allows /\zpf^,v =/= 0

    ,v is ordinary partial derivative


    <2|dB> = <&2|B>

    for a finite area <2| with closed loop boundary <&2|

    Single-valuedness of the LOCAL Higgs VEV phi field gives quantized "circulations"

    <&2|B> ~ integers


    R = DW

    dW = R - W/\W

    <2|dW> = <&2|W> ~ integer