Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Sidneyfest - videos and web

A few months after the Sidneyfest, an official website celebrating the conference was created; thanks go to Arthur, Barbara, and Marina. (And perhaps me.)
There are many interesting letters of those who could not attend, the guestbook, genealogy, and photographs. Actually, most of the photographs are still waiting to be posted, much like the videos of all the talks.

However, you may enjoy many photographs (still a small subset) and all the videos on the
The videos are available in the MOV format (it is likely that the MPEG won't show you any image). You should download the new Quicktime 7 which is now available both for Apples as well as Windows. This player is able to decode the highly efficient H.264 video codec which you will need for the second part of the dinner. A direct link to the directory with the videos is the following:
Because the video files are roughly 100 megabytes in size, I recommend you to
  • open QuickTime
  • File/Open URL
  • type and add your favorite
  • allow the player to download parts of the files only
Also, the Windows users are recommended to download QuickTime Alternative which allows you to play the MOV files within the standard Windows Media Player; yes, all codecs used by QuickTime will also be available for QuickTime alternative. If the image is not smooth in your modern Windows Media Player 9 or 10, use the "Windows Media Player Classic".

Barbara says that Sidney is doing pretty well, and I hope that these reports will get even better.


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  2. This is a long shot, but these videos are being re-archived and are not available atm. Do you know anywhere else were one could find these lectures?

  3. Please contact Arthur Jaffe at Harvard who surely has copies. So do I - on older computers - but it's a hassle to send them. I deleted them on my main laptop a few months ago...