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Anthony Karmis wins $13.08

Anthony Karmis (undergrad: UIUC, grad: UC Santa Barbara) has become the winner of our grand prize - $13.08 - for his first 1-star review of McCutcheon's book. We have explained the little scandal over here and some of the initial developments here. The money has been transferred to his account.

Anthony's prize is a deserved one. He remains the only person whose 1-star review survived for one week - and the only one that remained on the web until the present. Tens of unwelcome review posted before Anthony's review as well as after it have been erased. The latter category includes, for example, Quix from Columbus, Ohio. There seem to be many witnesses who may confirm that Brian Powell was right and something was wrong - and most likely something is still wrong.

Don't get me wrong: is still among my favorite companies and I tend to believe that this incident is an isolated anomaly.

The award was paid mostly from my private money. If you want to contribute for future campaigns (not necessarily similar to this one), click at the "Make a donation" button at the HP keyboard support page, for example.

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snail feedback (5) :

reader Quantoken said...

What is the meaning you encoded in this particular number, 1308? What does it represent.
In some culture certain number has certain meanings. For example if I can you 3824, and you do not know what is 3824, then you are really 3824. If you know what it is and acted on it 3824-ly, you are still 3824. And you definitely do not want 13.38 :-)

Take it easy.


reader Luboš Motl said...

Hi Quantoken, you may think that the number has something to do with the neutron lifetime.

But the real calculation is that it is 10+3.08 where 10 is the initial (raised) prize I offered and 3.08 is the addition of a contributor. It ends up with "8" because this is how the contributions to this thing have been defined, in order to be distinguished from others.


reader Elia Diodati said...

I guess now the next logical step would be bomb the five-star comments to make the "usefulness" ratings of all the others go down.

reader Quantoken said...


Don't you see that while there is nothing particular with the $10 you contributed. The one who contrubutes exactly 3.08 (3-8), is really hinting a curse? Have you not wondered why it's not $3 or $5, but $3.08? Ask any Cantonese if he/she is 3-8, and you are into big trouble.


reader Luboš Motl said...

Not sure whether you're really looking for a rational explanation. ;-)

Nevertheless, it was 3.08 because I wrote that the contributions should not be below 3 USD (or 2 USD?) and they should end with the digit 8 (cents).

The contributor was generous, but also minimally generous he could be, and this singles out 3.08.

I said that the contributions should not be below 2 or 3 USD because with my status at, roughly 30 cents is automatically subtracted from each such transaction.

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