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Diversity sinkhole

The only serious journal analysis of the so-called

and those $50 million for the so-called "diversity" efforts appeared in City Journal. Heather Mac Donald concludes in

that Harvard is throwing away more than just the money. The title of this blog article has been borrowed from The Washington Times. Of course, the bad news from Harvard has also been celebrated by conservative Yalies.

A few months ago, I would not have the courage to make this posting. Today, after a change of personal policy, I am once again absolutely certain that this posting is completely legal according to all existing laws and codified regulations, and I have the right - and not only the right - to endorse Mac Donald's reasoning. On the other hand, the advocates of the only "correct" opinions don't have the right to impose it on others.

For all who have also been pacified, neutralized, and psychologically tortured by the recent PC craziness, let me mention that unlike the case of Czechoslovakia in 1968 i.e. exactly 37 years ago, there are no PC tanks in the streets of Cambridge, and this should make a difference. Let's just stop the bad era; it has been enough indeed. Let's regain our human dignity and never allow the enemies of independent and rational thinking to manipulate with us again. Thank you.


50 million USD: the total value of all physics Nobel prizes roughly since the war (or the beginning); the total money needed to run a new large physics institute, such as the Perimeter Institute, in the medium term; the amount of money that can be easily thrown away for an attempt to engineer evidence supporting wild hypotheses that cognitive skills are independent of physical parameters

diversity efforts: efforts to make the life very difficult for everyone, especially for diverse large groups of people - such as the conservatives, libertarians, moderates, meritocrats, and eventually also all white males - by creating a large body of new and intimidating bureaucracy, restrictions, regulations, and discrimination

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reader Arun said...

While irrelevant to the points being made, the post should say "her article" and not "his article".

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