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Matt Strassler and LHC olympics

You should know that Matthew Strassler, the master of cascades and N=1 AdS/CFT duals, and his collaborators Steve Ellis and Matt Bowen - turned out to be ones of the main heroes of the LHC olympics. So far it's only them who had the courage to make some analysis of the data created by Gordon Kane etc. to figure out that there was always a full correlation between the flavor and the charge of the two leptons in the final di-lepton states. The organizers confirmed this observation to be correct. This observation means that the initial state was an excitation of a real field and many other things.

We worried that only one person would be interested in the data that will be produced by a collider for 1.5 billion USD, but at least we were assured that there is a whole subcommunity that is ready to analyze similar data and that did not participate in the LHC olympics because they're doing similar things every day anyway. At any rate, our pheno friends seem to share the opinion that it will take years before the new physics is identified from the LHC data. The heavy A_0 (CP-odd) Higgs and/or gluinos could be the fastest ones to be found.

Andy Strominger suggested that he may be interested in the LHC olympics if there were an award ;-). His strategy would be to look through Gordon Kane's favorite models and papers to see which of them was chosen. :-)

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