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Matthew Nobes and the Final Theory

Matthew Nobes is currently the front-runner for the $3.00 "grand" prize because of his 1-star review. However, it must survive for one more week for Matthew to become the official winner. Unless there will be some complaints, I will forgive Matthew that his review is below those 200 words.

Update: Sadly, Matthew's review has been erased, too. For other competitors: it's probably not a good idea to include the word "crackpot" in the title of the review. Sam Gralla tried a much nicer one, but his review disappeared in 20 minutes. Anthony attempted to hide a realistic review under a 5-star rating, in between some words of praise. While it is very interesting to know whether his review will be posted, Anthony does not qualify for the "grand" prize. Greg Jones wrote a "tongue-in-cheek review", later deleted.

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