Sunday, August 14, 2005

New visual TeX: MicroIMP

Some time ago, we announced the Wolfram Publicon, a Mathematica-like graphic interface for TeX. There is a new competitor for Publicon and LyX that may be even more revolutionary. It's called

It's primarily created for Windows XP; it could run under Windows 2000 or Linux's VMWare or Wine. LaTeX is a higher layer of the program; there is some XML running inside. You may control the program much like other WYSIWYG editors but the subtle combination of the physical and logical formattings allows you many new things - such as changing the layout of your document by a single click. All features of TeX are available together with spellcheck and other things.

Some of you should check this program. You may download it after you register at the MicroIMP forums. Micropress Incorporated has done a lot of work to make TeX visual - e.g. VTeX - and you may look at their website, too. Even if you don't speak Czech, you may find this article useful because of the screenshots.

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  1. Oh no, visual TeX...I'm afraid. I downloaded and installed it. With the basic options it's not too large: 29.8MB approximately.

    Actually typing directly into the document and seeing it appear is a bit odd after using LaTeX for so long. I found the editor a bit confusing. It acts sort of like a word processor except that there is evidence that logical markup can be done.

    I don't like this program too much because for example, a beginner might be tempted to center some text and make it larger, instead of using the actual title commands. It might allow poorly made documents simply because it looks so much like a word processor.

    Also the LaTeX code which it generates is a bit messy (maybe I'm being a bit stringent here, but if someone else wants to do it by hand afterwards it might be frustrating).