Monday, August 08, 2005

String Theory, Book 1: Voyager

Congratulations to Jeffrey Lang. His new book
is going back to the publisher for a second printing. A very simplified abstract:
  • Captain Janeway's crew encounters a species that should not exist according to the known physical laws: the Monorhans. Technology from Voyager (TM) offers the required stringy corrections to save them from extinction. However, an unexpected shock wave catapults Voyager into a place beyond the fabric of space and time. Voyager struggles to prevail on an extradimensional battleground.
The excerpts make it clear that it is no easy reading, at least for me; Polchinski, Zwiebach, as well as Green+Schwarz+Witten seemed more accessible. Nevertheless, I wish you happy reading if you purchase the paperback. ;-)

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