Monday, August 15, 2005

What string theory forbids

In this article, I would like to collect some of your examples of phenomena or situations that are completely compatible with low-energy effective field theory but do not arise from any known - and perhaps not even any unknown - stringy compactication. In other words, predictions of string theory that are independent of the vacuum selection mechanisms.

For example, pure N=2 supergravity is anomaly free and OK as an effective field theory, but string theory always predicts new multiplets, does not it? Also, the U(1)^{496} supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory coupled to type I supergravity in ten dimensions is anomaly free and nice, but it does not seem to describe any stringy background.

There are other similar properties related to the axion decay constants and the strength of various gauge couplings that apparently can't be anything you want; work in progress. However, I would love to hear some completely different examples of universal predictions of string/M-theory. Thanks.


  1. Lubos:

    Would you like to speculate on some New Physics here?

    This CNN news shoulc be interesting to you, because the B 737 was flying from Cyprus to Adens and then to Czech. It crashed near Athens.

    The puzzling thing is the regular flight from Cyprus to Athens is only 1.5 hour. The distance is so short that taking off and getting to proper altitude and lowering altitude and prepare for landing probably takes the bulk of the trip time, normally airplanes traveling for such short distance never even bother to climb to the regular 35000 feet height, they just stay at 5000 to 6000 feet.

    The odd thing is it's reported that most of passengers are frozen SOLID when found on the ground. What kind of physics process can freeze a 150 pounds human body from body temperature, to "frozen solid", in less than one hour. Provided the expected temperature at 5000 feet above ground, during the summer time. The air temperature outside cabinet is probably -5C to 0C, and not much lower. And provided that all these people are properly addressed with SOME clothes, and there are blankets etc.

    You buy a piece of dead meat of 1 or two pounds and put it into the refrigerator, and it will take better than 5 or 6 hours before it gets really "frozen solid". So what could have killed the pasengers instantly and fast freeze them to "frozen solid"? And it took at least half an hour, on the summer ground, before resquers reach some of the bodies, and they are still found to be "frozen solid", after thawing under the summer sun and in the fire for half an hour.

    More over, it seems the F-16s reported seeing some one in the cockpit, probably some passengers still alive, desperately attempting to gain control of the airplane, right before crash. How could some be frozen to solid already while some are still alive.

    Absolutely amazing! They musy have fall into some wormhole or there may be some new physicis to explain it :-)

  2. Curiously, the "frozen solid" part disappeared from the news web site. So it was probably just a rumor to start.

    Did any one else read the "frozen solid" words, before it was corrected?

    More mistery surfaced, but it is more likely all explainable.