Friday, September 30, 2005

9900 pages of 175 books on string theory online

In the case that you have not yet tried, you should look at

They include Polchinski, Zwiebach, Greene, and about 9000 others. ;-) You may need a gmail mail account to see the full content of the pages.

The books were scanned in the libraries of Harvard University, because of the very constructive approach of President Summers, and four other, less famous places. ;-)


  1. I'm tried several books, and it's really amazing!! How could they think of such a task(incredible and crazy) and even do it?

  2. Dear Lumo,

    I'm not yet into the maths of string theory. I don't want to read 9900 pages as I don't have much spare time. Could you summarise the important information briefly, or suggest the best book on string theory to read? I'm particularly interested in M-theory and supergravity. It needs to be something where the maths has a physical basis following from experimental facts if possible, as abstract speculation in maths is not a good approach to me. I'd basically like a book like "Warped Passages" with the major equations added in and explained clearly.

    Many thanks if you have any suggestions for books or articles that would be helpful

    Best wishes,