Saturday, September 17, 2005

Plastic fork

This is not an intelligent post but rather a demonstration of the technological power. These sentences were written by a broken plastic fork touching a cell phone. A hotmail account then transwered the words to

You would think that a plastic fork is not even enough to kill a terrorist on the plane. But it is clearly sufficient for a blogger, even if the cellphone is not connected to T-mobile.

If you think that I am not the first cellphone blogger in the world, let me know. ;-)


  1. Hey Lumo!!
    You are not ... there are even interfaces for doing it ... take a look at But your way sounds more complicated!

  2. ok, this comment is directly posted via pocket MSIE.

  3. Lubos:

    You are not the first cell phone blogger for sure. But you are probably the first broken plastic fork blogger :-)

    I think I was probably the first joystick blogger.