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String Theory Course

Several students from the Boston area have asked me whether there is a string theory course at Harvard this fall. Yes, there is - and this time it is taught by Joe Minahan. I'll try Quantum Mechanics II.

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snail feedback (6) :

reader Quantoken said...

Hi Lubos:

Looked at your QM II class web page. You used a phrase "aidiabatic approximation". Was that a Czech word since searching Yahoo with "aidiabatic" turns up 6 occurances, with 3 associated with this particular Harvard course description. Or is that a newly invented English word I am not aware of :-)


reader Luboš Motl said...

Dear Quantoken,

you may have noticed that this is purely a typo of the Registrar office that I have certainly corrected on all the documents that I can edit (click, for example, "here" for more information). The Registrar officers are not Czech.

Best wishes

reader Ramanan said...

How come you dont recommend Schiff's text to your students ?

reader Luboš Motl said...

Dear Ramanan,

the reason is that I simply don't know the book. This is undergrad stuff, and we've had a lot of various Czech books. Do you know Formánek's book, for example? ;-)


reader Minki Jeong said...

Hi, Lubos

I am particularly interested in how you will present such things as decoherence, measurement theory, and quantum computing to undergraduates. Can we have your lecture note as the course is going on?

reader Luboš Motl said...

Hi Minki,

thanks for your compassion! I am also curious how it will work. Measurement theory is fun and I already have an idea, but clearly I will have to prepare for decoherence and quantum computing, and hope to know these things much more than I do know them now...

But at Harvard, you should know that these topics are standard for QM II.


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