Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Topology of horizons

This is a rather noteworthy result. Galloway and Schoen show in

that the topology of the black hole horizons in any dimension must admit metrics of positive curvature. This allows the rings but forbids various other conceivable topologies.


  1. Since Hawking’s arguments rely on the Gauss-Bonnet theorem, these results do not directly extend to
    higher dimensions.

    So paper listed in post of yours moves us to a more significant perception beyond the curvature of Reimann?

    IN non-euclidean realms, it seems very dynamical, but I had to get there?

    While my views seem held to euclidean definition of point line plane, this would seem an approrpriate excursion, to point string, brane?

  2. Relativity and Post Reimannian Differential Geometry," published in 1980 by s.s.Chern

    Do you know where this paper is?

    After all, this is the beginning of "string theory" is it not?: )