Sunday, October 23, 2005

Scientific consensus proves zombies

Climate scientists were asked whether zombies exist. And what they think that the U.S. president drinks. The results of their cutting edge research and the new scientific consensus is summarized on the server For your convenience, we also show it here:

Originally, there was a flash directly here.

Normally, I would think that this website was funded by an oil company to show the believers in the "global warming theory" as five-year-old retarded children who don't quite distinguish fairy-tales from reality. But there is also an alternative theory - namely that those who paid for this animation actually imagine that this is how the real world works.

Incidentally, what do you think is the easiest way to get $1 million dollars for climate? Via ExxonMobil or from one of those corrupt far-left wing foundations? The website has so far tracked 800 million dollars that various environmentalists got for their "work". For example, James McDonnell was a believer in the occult, so I guess that he would agree with giving his millions to these scientists who promote zombies, vampires, and global warming. To summarize: be sure that the statement that the sceptics are corrupt is the opposite of the truth.

More seriously, America is simply ahead. The communist regimes also created various propagandistic fairy-tales attempting to convince the children that the White House was made of zombies, but none of them was so catchy as this one. I hope that Quantoken and others in the target audience will finally get convinced by this scientific animation that the global warming and vampires are for real. ;-)

But most importantly: have fun. Will you identify which zombie is your humble correspondent?

Thanks to W.S. for the tip.

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