Saturday, October 29, 2005

Snow is back

Snow is back here in Cambridge. So far it is lighter than in January, but we will see where it goes. The temperature for tomorrow is forecast to be 22 Fahrenheit above the temperatures today. Many of us already have a lot of fun with the snow.

Don't forget that weather is local in time as well as in space. Our friends in Central America have a tropical opportunity to learn the Greek alphabet properly. :-) Now they're learning (hurricane) Beta.

Also, don't forget the proverb "spring forward, fall back". It's the last full weekend of October, and therefore the daylight saving time is over! If you did something wrong in the last hour and you wish it would have never happened between X:00 PM and (X+1):00 PM, just return your watch back by one hour, and repeat the hour without the error.


  1. Temperature here where I live currently is a nice and comfortable 70 degrees Farenheit. But I feel your chilly. This winter will be remembered as one of the harshest in the history, not because it will be particularly cold, but because many people will lack proper means to keep themselves warm, without breaking themselves financially.

    Mean while, we have a lot of things to worry about, the bird flu, and the nuclear weapons. No, not those that Lubos suggested we use, in his previous post. But those that Paul Williams suggested that exist out there. Our homeland security chief and other top leders REPEATEDLY told us it is NOT a question of if, but merely a question of when, something much worse in scale than 9/11 will happen. I do not know if I am in the same position, how I could deliver the bad message more clear than that! And now not just Al Quada video tapes, but the Iranian president is speaking in a way as if it is already a proven fact that needs to be factored in, that soon USA and Isreal will no longer be on the map of the world.

    You would have to discount the Iranian president as total idiot. But you would have to discount our leaders for saying the "not if, but when" as well. Or, rather, they know something we the sheeple don't know? The future does not look good at all.

  2. People should read this, and remember, tomorrow, is the Halloween, a date of haunting, a date worse than 911!!!

    I hope I will be proven wrong and we will only remember tomorrow as no more than candies and costumes...