Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Colbert report with Brian Greene

It's definitely intense fun and Brian Greene is doing a superb job.

Thanks to Joe Minahan for the tip. Colbert's show is somewhat similar to Bill O'Reilly's Factor, indeed. I was explained that it is a deliberate similarity.

Just like the Reference Frame argues that string theory is forced upon us by mother Nature in somewhat analogous way as the evolutionary framework in biology, and much like Peter Woit believes that string theory is just like Intelligent Design, Colbert says that Occam's Razor requires us to accept the simplest explanations of everything - and the simplest explanation of the real world is that it was created by God like that: click. Occam's razor proves that Intelligent Design is better than science.

That's slightly paradoxical because Stephen Colbert is the youngest among 11 children, and is therefore a walking experimental proof of M-theory: he's the M-theoretical circle at weak coupling, in fact.

Colbert yelled: "So I am a descendent of a monkey, right?" Finally, they came to the following exchange:

  • Greene: Well, what we've come to learn is that the universe doesn't care about your tastes.
  • Colbert: I don't care about the universe. The feeling is mutual.
Incidentally, I hope that most readers speak Chinese so that they can learn something new about the Feynman diagrams and your humble correspondent. In Shanghai, you may learn how the external links should look like.

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