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French Intifada

As you know, France is experiencing the worst days of rioting since the 1968 student protests. I am afraid that the country has allowed more immigration than it can handle. By the "ability to handle", I probably mean a working system and infrastructure that can integrate a vast majority of the immigrants into the society.

Charles de Gaulle used the military in 1968 and it was one of the reasons he had to resign in 1970. Nowadays, the government prefers to issue a "warning" that the rioters could spend many years in the jail. In my opinion, this is no real warning. Instead, such a statement assures them that they can't be shot and they can probably always escape as long as they know how to run or drive a scooter.

One of the things I could not resist to look at was the attitude of the Muslim countries. An agency that shares the name with the most influential agency in the region,

(Suvrat explains below that it is actually a different Aljazeerah than the "regular" Aljazeerah), used the opportunity to summarize all criticisms and dirt they have against France and its perceived discrimination.

Comments by the readers

As an Irish reader notices, the French are not getting much credit for their opposition against the Iraq war. Well, that's hardly surprising. The second commentator is a French muslim who thinks that the riots won't help anyone. The third contributor is from Tunisia and he announces that France will be destroyed for mocking them, among other things, by headscarf bans. The fourth one is an American who conjectures that NATO and the U.S. will be the only one that will be able to save the French who were on wrong side of the history a few years ago. The fifth one, Dr. Khan from Holland, tells the "demonstrators" to keep on fighting against "discrimination". Another American advices the French muslims to work hard or return home and preserve their habits. Mshakir from Somalia surprisingly says a very similar thing. Abdul Mateen from India recommends to follow his prophet. Tuna hunter from Philippine seas explains that the French have always been soft against fascists. And so on, and so on.

In Israel, many people think that Paris "deserves it". Europe is already a battleground in the war on terror. And political correctness in France prevents the police to stop crime. RedState.ORG, a major right-wing blog, argues that blood is necessary on the streets of Paris today to prevent a greater tragedy tomorrow.

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snail feedback (3) :

reader nige said...

Dear Lumos,

France has very high unemployment, it has a populace which mostly consists of armchair philosophers who spend their time eating and drinking and do just enough work to fund that, and since tax on cheese and wine is virtually zero in France, that isn't much work.

Any imports from Britain get treated by strikes and French farmers blocking the ports with tractors and combines. France appeased Hitler in the 1930s and reaped what it sowed in the 40s. It is a nice place to visit or holiday in, but not so good to live in. My uncle lives there, has been there for 40 years, and teaches English at a French university. He is still treated basically as an "Englishman", it is a country which proclaims its liberty and independence so loudly it can't hear its own prejudice.

Best wishes,

reader Suvrat said...

Hello Lubos,
'' is NOT affiliated with the famous Arabic satellite channel 'Jazeera'. The correct website(English Version) for the channel is



reader PigfromSty said...

As you know, France is experiencing the worst days of rioting since the 1968 student protests. I am afraid that the country has allowed more immigration than it can handle.

Hmm, media has riots under control
why they dont write
"poor are destroying cars and houses of poor"
there are also whites between them
but muslim and black is better for reader.

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