Friday, November 25, 2005

Harvard diversity skyrockets

There are people who still think that Harvard is not diverse enough. Well, that's certainly wrong. Harvard tops the black student yield among 22 colleges in an ensemble. The female tenure offers have essentially doubled and exceeded the level before Summers' presidency.

On the other hand, Princeton is different. While it seems that the women are already allowed to enter the physics department, it was not the case 50 years ago because they were a "distraction" for the Princeton scholars. At that time, women were already walking to the left and to the right everywhere at Harvard!

Moreover, a (redhead) student explained me that you must essentially be a redhead to join Princeton as a student. It seems to be the case. CNN describes the official hair color of the Princetonians as follows:

  • Now, students at Princeton University have joined forces to discuss and celebrate their unique experiences of having red hair. ... The Princeton Redheads Society has gotten official recognition and funding from Princeton University. ... Members plan redhead-oriented events, honor red-haired faculty members with sunscreen awards, and discuss the many implications of living with red hair. ... The only thing they have in common is red hair, but that ties them together in such a strong way.

Once again. If racial or gender diversity at Harvard is something that worries you, you should have a good sleep tonight and look elsewhere for any problems. ;-)

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