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LHC software pick

The CERN has just chosen "Datastream7i" from to supervise the LHC.

Did you know a breakdown at the LHC will require 3 weeks of heating the device up, to allow repairmen to survive, and another three weeks to cool the collider down before the colissions resume?

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reader Quantoken said...

Reading the article I am astonished to learn that they are going to shut down the LHC for half of the year for no other reason BUT the more expensive cost of electricity during the winter!

Keep in mind we are now only 2005, the LHC won't be turned on uptil 2007 or maybe 2008. They are deciding to run LHC on half year basis based on what they know about electricity cost this year, not the year 2008.

Keep also in mind that the world wide oil production has officially peaked right now. From here on it will go on a decline, first maybe slowly and then rapidly at 5%-7% reduction year by year. There will be an energy crunch world wide. Energy cost will skyrocket, economy will collapse. Research funds for anything none-essential (anything not directly related to alternative energy source) will shrink to virtually none-exist.

My prediction is by the time LHC can be turned on, what remains of the available fund won't even be able to afford the half year electricity cost for the summer. It may well be that it can not be turned on even if there is money to pay the bill.

LHC costs more than half of the electricity that the whole of Geneva city consumes. I am not sure if there is any spare capacity for the electric grid to supply an extra half Geneva by 2008, or if there are enough fuel to generate that electricity. The Geneva city might as well be shut down to allow LHC to be turned on.

CERN might better consider starting to build their own power plants and stock up fuels now, if they hope to have a chance to actually turn LHC on for running by 2008. Too bad building the power plants that supply enough electricity to LHC will probably cost much more than the LHC itself.

Anyway you look at it, LHC is doomed. I once thought LHC will the the last of the super giant particle colliders. Now it looks like it won't even be able to be finished to become the last.


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