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Which way the wind blows

Well, one of the goals of the physics lunch today will be to gauge which way the wind of support blows. Although I may be right-wing, it should not be surprising that my wind blows to the left-hand side (with the usual acronym for the left-hand side) - of course, nothing against and all my respect for the other side! It seems to me that the left-hand side is also the natural direction in which the physics wind should generally blow - and not only because physics is about thoroughly addressing issues rather than skimming over them. But the wind experiment has yet to be done.

Result: some people - e.g. a person who will have to travel to Scandinavia soon because of a person who had played with explosives - did not even believe the Crimson about the plan of the left-hand side. But everyone agreed that there was no evidence that the leak was deliberate, and the department will decline to support a certain unphysical underground petition designed to criticize the left-hand side using the hypothesis that the leak was deliberate. (I would personally find nothing wrong even about a deliberate leak because it is a natural preparation for action that should not be a complete shock, but that is a different issue.)

A linear superposition of two proposed attitudes was accepted. The two basis vectors are "passive" and "pro-active". The adject "pro-active", in this sense, meant to accept a declaration that everyone else should be "passive". ;-) There was no clear support of the left-hand side plan from the bottom, and some understanding of the plan from the layers closer to the top. This understanding was based on the keyword that is usually denoted by "v" in mechanics, but the reference frame believes that the quantity could also be described otherwise. Privately, I find the word "backbiting" in this context clearly misleading because the information from the left-hand side seems to have been an honest description of an honestly prepared action that, as far as I know, belongs to the competence of the left-hand side.

If you think that this posting is an uninteresting code that you should not try to decode, then you are correct.

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