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Coldest December

My time for writing on the blog continues to be limited, so let me just offer you a short provocation. The scientists may have been right after all, the global cooling is coming. ;-) This December will almost surely become one of the coldest American Decembers since the 19th century. Daily record lows have been breached in New York State (10 degrees F below the previous record), the Midwest (Illinois), Utah, Texas (classes canceled), Oklahoma, Colorado, Kansas, Pennsylvania (previous record was 1958), and elsewhere. More snow and cold is forecast. Natural gas is propelled to record.

You may say that it is just the U.S. However, severe cold wave grips North India, too, with at least 21 casualties. The capital sees the coldest day in 6 years. The same thing applies to China and the Communist Party of China helps poor to survive bitter winter. You may complain that I only talk about countries that host one half of the world's population. You're right: the global temperature continues to be stable, around 2.7 Kelvins. ;-)

We are doing fine in Massachusetts, the temperature is -10 Celsius degrees with windchill at -18 Celsius degrees. Tonight, it will be around 6 Fahrenheit. Don't forget your sweaters and gloves.

The consensus scientists have may found a sign error in their calculations. The carbon dioxide causes global cooling. This occassional sign flip is called the climate change.

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snail feedback (2) :

reader Quantoken said...

Read The BIG Chill. The worst is yet to come. Expect an electricity blackout when it gets really nasty.

The temperature per se is nothing too unusual. What makes it especially bad is the looming energy crisis, not global warming or cooling. We are now only seeing the start of it. The future winters will look progressively bad. A few years down the road you will wish you could be back in the winter of 2005 where you could complain about the cold and natural gas price while sitting in a room warmed to 70+ degrees.

Meanwhile the energy price goes up on a daily basis.

reader PlatoHagel said...

As a captialist you might want to squeeze the social fabric for as much dripping dollars as possible before.....?

One last kick at the cat before new technologies break the chains that bind us:)

Sustainable resources are very important from a capitalist perspective? As long as you can get reserves from other countries to bolster one's own ,while creating shortages in other places, create illusionistic frenzy buying, then you have tapped the market very well in wealth creation I would say?

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