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Instant LaTeX to HTML

That's a singlet (entangled) state. Everyone who creates any kind of HTML pages can include mathematical equations like one above using the following tag:

  • <img src="http://shitalshah.com/?$3+3=6$">
where $3+3=6$ is an example of a TeX command. The yellow color above was chosen using the TeX command \yellow and you can guess what are the commands for other colors. Of course, there are ways how can you install the required scripts on your server so that the name of the server http://shitalshah.com/ may be completely omitted. The script is based on MimeTeX and Shital's improvements of it are described and offered here.

Unfortunately, the images cannot be included in the comments at blogs run by blogger.com.

Also, I can't offer you LaTeXrender used by Peter Woit because this blog is not based on the software by WordPress. But it is likely that if I need some mathematical expressions that look really unacceptable in the ASCII format, I will be using Shital Shah's solution instead of the previous plugin.

I don't plan to increase the amount of LaTeX - in whatever format you can think of - on these pages. And I am jealous about the WordPress LaTeXrendering feature.


AlJazeera argues that only string theory has the right to destroy what God has created.

LaTeX preview

If you need to preview your LaTeX source, you may find the following form useful:

Your LaTeX expression:

Now click Submit
to see it rendered below:

Moreover, don't forget that if you choose the Siegel gauge, every nontrivial string field theory amplitude contains as part of its expression
This expression was written with the help of a redefined function key F5 that has written the whole HTML command for this expression except for the content in between the two dollar signs. Recommended. ;-) In Debian, I pressed the Windows key, went to the Control center. In Regional/Accessibility, you may choose KHotKeys where you can define new Keyboard input.

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reader Leucipo said...

The mimetex string is also installed at physcomments.org/cgi-bin/mimetex.cgi?

Please feel free to use it, as I do not forsee a heavy load in physcomments now that I have barred the anonymous review mechanism

reader Anonymous said...

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reader yunus said...

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