Sunday, December 11, 2005

Magnetic poles drifting

The drifting of Earth's magnetic poles has accelerated. In 1831, the North magnetic pole was observed for the first time. It was found that by 1904, it moved 50 kilometers to the North. However, since that time, it has been displaced by 1,000 kilometers! And the process is accelerating. Auroras will be exported from Alaska to Siberia (or Europe) in 50 years which is quite natural because St. Petersburg is, after all, the most appropriate place for all Auroras.

The strength of the magnetic field has decreased, too: the difference is about 10 percent in the last 150 years.

Surely, such dramatic dynamics must be of anthropogenic origin, the anti-capitalist and anti-civilization fanatics will eventually say. An evil corporation has surely ordered 10^{24} kilograms of iron to move in a visibly different direction. The only detail to figure out is which industry is responsible, order the "scientists" to write papers that prove the link using the methods of scientific consensus, and initiate the magnetic Kyoto protocols that will save the Earth's magnetic field.

I guess that the evil industry that is destroying the geomagnetic field may be the commercial software industry, especially Microsoft. By avoiding the open source standards, the companies make the electrons inside transistors of hundreds of millions of computers in the world pointing in the same direction which weakens the magnetic field of Mother Nature. ;-)

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