Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Shut up and calculate

I would not promote overly technical lecture notes, especially not about things covered in many books. But the interpretation of quantum mechanics in general and decoherence in particular - a subject that belongs both to physics as well as advanced philosophy - is usually not given a sufficient amount of space in the textbooks, and some people may be interested in Lecture23.pdf.


  1. Dear Lubos,

    If you really believe in "shut up and calculate" see HERE.

    This is a calculation. It works. However the whole thing is still treated as crackpot.

    Hey Professor: "Shut up and see this calculation!"

    Professor: "All calculations are crackpot unless they come from string theory!"

    Best wishes,


  2. Lubos,

    It's nice to see your note on the interpretational problem finally. I just want to note that Feynman might have not talked like 'Shut Up and Calculate' really. David Mermin once talked about it in the 'Reference Frame' article of Physics Today (last year or two years ago). He couldn't find any sources which explicitly quote that words from Feynman. Perhaps, the possibility that Feynman does not like that quote still remains.