Friday, December 09, 2005


This year, snow started before the Halloween - but the weather we see today deserves the title "snowstorm" for the first time. It is pretty. Narayan K. has tried to leave Boston in the morning. Hirosi Ooguri has another flight to L.A. tonight. Both of them are at risk. Although the snow is rather heavy, it is forecast that most of the snow will disappear during the weekend.

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  1. As one living in a place blessed with too much sun shine, I feel your cold! Good luck surviving this harsh winter in whole piece. Meanwhile the energy price, especially the Natural Gas, is still sky rocketing, with every degree drop of temperature.

    The advise I have for North Eastern folks: Keep digging. Not just digging snows. But dig holes under the ground. That's how you can get warmth in the harsh winter with much less energy cost: Geothermal energy that's blessed with naturally occuring tadioactivity of the earth.