Thursday, December 22, 2005

TeX for PowerPoint: TeX4PPT

Aurora is a new commercial LaTeX system for MS Office
Some readers may have installed TeXpoint as an add-in to their PowerPoint. Let me now mention that

is probably superior and everyone who uses TeX as well as PowerPoint should install this piece of free software. In this framework, you may create a new "text box" using the drawing toolbar. Inside the text box, you may write some $tex$. When you're finished, you right-click and choose TeXify. It will convert the text box into a nice piece of LaTeX. One internal advantage over TeXpoint is that it is directly the DVI that is being converted to Microsoft's own fonts. (TeXpoint was also generating a postscript as well as an image.) This means, among other things, that the text respects the background.

The results look very good. The TeX results may be resized, the color may be changed, and so forth. Much like with TeXpoint, TeX4PPT adds its own menu among your PowerPoint menus. The menu allows you to configure your TeX4PPT, add LaTeX macros, change settings, fine-tune fonts, and see help pages.


  1. Hi there!
    thanks for the recommendation,
    I have downloaded the files, but hwo do I actually install them???

  2. Dear Karin, if the file has MSI suffix, you need Windows Installer. It is usually a part of windows. But if you don't have it, you should google search for Windows Installer MSI, download it somewhere, and install it by double-clicking once MSI is associated with the Windows Installer.

    Then look into menus of PowerPoint, TeX4PPT should add entries there. Or read the help! ;-)