Thursday, January 19, 2006

Back to Northeast

Seattle has been fun. There are many interesting, skillful, and smart people over there from many fields of physics. This list includes not only very good theorists but also some renowned experimentalists such as Eric Adelberger who also attended my seminar and, not surprisingly, remained skeptical about string theory as such. Well, the talk was not designed to convert infidels but rather explain why and in what sense gravity should be the weakest force.

We have also had some beer with fellow Czech V.R. - greetings!

Those 24 hours of flight in total have been rather exhausting, too, especially because there is a lot of work waiting here in Boston: the final exam on Thursday, 485 folders with applications of PhD student candidates, and many other things.

On Monday night, I could not resist to see the city from the space needle. Unfortunately it was raining bad. One of the insights is that if you visit the Washington state, you should be careful what is written on your hat. What do I mean?

Instead of the imperialist hat with the American flag and a hawk, I was wearing a "Washington Redskins" hat (one that was incidentally bought in the Czech Republic many years ago). For those of us who are not NFC fans, there was about a 50% Bayesian probability that it was a team in the Washington state. But as you know very well, Bayesian probability is bullshit from the scientific viewpoint. Indeed, the Redskins are located in Washington, D.C., and the hat confusion had profound consequences because the Seattle Seahawks had just lost to the Washington Redskins or the other way around - whatever. :-) (Sorry for the inaccurate coverage of these important sport events.) Consequently, I could not get various discounts on the space needle and some other people felt anxious about the hat, too. :-)

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