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Canada goes conservative

Well-known bloggers called cnn.com liked my title so they copied it a few hours later to introduce their article.

Canada will become a new opportunity for emmigration - but for a different group of people than in 2000 and 2004. :-) Even more paradoxically for those of us who know the former members of the Harvard Corporation, this development is mainly the work of Mr. Harper, also known as mini-Bush. ;-)

Cuba, Venezuela, and People's Republic of Cambridge are the last three countries on the continent that have not yet entered the 21st century. The main reason why The Reference Frame applauds the removal of the government of Paul Martin was his hypocritical and phony fight against the U.S. based on Martin's silly remarks about the environment.

The official results will be announced tomorrow. The Frame predicts that the turnout will be around 65%. The conservatives will get around 36% of the votes while the liberals around 30% of the votes. The 19th century socialist N.D.P. with 17% and the Quebec separatist left-wing bloc with 10% will be the only other two parties that will make it to the Parliament. That's particularly bad for the Greens with 4.5 percent. Others such as the Marxist-Leninist Party and the Marijuana Party have around 0.1 percent each.

A slight majority of the blogosphere is gonna be depressed. They will write letters to the prime minister Harper not to turn the Canadian Socialist Republic into a mini-USA. Edmonton Oilers will lose fans. Other left-wing voters will feel f**ked and they will propose a new name for the country, the United States of Canada, which is actually a good idea. A few will celebrate the conservative baby. It's always like that - someone is happy, someone else is not. The only exceptions are the systems where the unhappy people are executed.

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